Elena Roacho - OHS

Elena has the patience and resilience of someone twice her age and uses it to help her classmates whenever she can. She has an acute awareness of those around her, which lends itself to an openness that others gravitate toward. She was tapped early for the Options Leadership Class, which works to foster positive relationships and activities for all students. Elena has a special interest in helping peers access academic and emotional support. She and others helped develop a peer mentoring program, and she’s an active leader in the suicide prevention program Sources of Strength. This work gave her the opportunity to serve on a district-level suicide prevention committee and speak directly to the LPS Board of Education. In addition, Elena volunteers as a sponsor for Full Circle, a program that empowers youth to work toward sobriety and model positive life choices. She actively supports her community by volunteering at a teen homeless shelter and demonstrates her love for nature by cleaning rivers with her grandparents’ rafting company. Elena hopes to creatively merge her passions for social justice and mental health via art. She’ll begin her post-graduate education at Arapahoe Community College, focusing on sociology, addiction counseling, and art therapy.

“Elena is passionate about helping teens, both on a personal level, as well as on a social and cultural level.”

Erica Hermann, School Social Worker/Counselor