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Littleton Public Schools uses four metrics (with data specific to Arapahoe County) to determine if it is safe to open schools and under what conditions we must shift from In-Person learning to Remote learning.

These metrics are based on science, facts and the best interests of our students and staff. They are NOT based on politics, perception, popularity or what other school districts are doing.

How Do the Metrics Work?

The metric is designed to rate four (4) data points associated with the presence of the virus in Arapahoe County.  Each data point is assigned a rating as outlined below and totaled for a rating of relative safety. The rating is tracked over time and must represent a sustained change (7-14 days) to consider a change in whether school is In-Person or remote for the safety of students and staff.  The rating will be tracked and presented every day in a transparent manner to our community.  If a change is required a communication will be sent to all families.

The Metric uses the following data sets for Arapahoe County:

  1. Test positivity rate (14-day average)
  2. Hospitalizations (daily)
  3. 14-day incident rate per 100,000 residents
  4. Daily cases (3-day average)


Infographic showing 2 points equals Good, 1 point equals Caution, 0 points equals Poor.


LPS CV-19 Tracking

Running Date


CV-19 Metric

Data Link

37 9/7/2020 7 Link No major changes; 17 days of score of "7"
38 9/8/2020 7 Link No major changes; 18 days of score of "7"
39 9/9/2020 7 Link No major changes
42 9/12/2020 7 Link No major changes; new presentation of data source
43 9/13/2020 7 Link No major changes
44 9/14/2020 7 Link No major changes
45 9/15/2020 7 Link No major changes
46 9/16/2020 7 Link No major changes; 26 days of score of "7"
47 9/17/2020 7 Link No major changes; 27 days of score of "7"
48 9/18/2020 7 Link  
50 9/20/2020 7 Link New view of hospitalizations, narrowing the range; 30 days of score of "7"
51 9/21/2020 7 Link  


ARCHIVE #1 August 1-13

ARCHIVE #2 August 14-28

ARCHIVE#3 August 28-Sept 6th


What updates have been made to the modeling?

8/5/2020--Initial modeling.

8/16/2020--Adjusted the threshold scale for the 14-day positivity rate to a lower range: (top left quadrant)

<5.0       =            Green

5.0-7.0   =            Yellow

>7.0       =            Red

Based on advice from Tri-County Health, the link for identifying the 14-day positivity rate was changed to https://data.tchd.org/covid19/testing/ .