All LPS schools will continue a fully remote learning model until January.

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Littleton Public Schools has been using four metrics (with data specific to Arapahoe County) to provide us with an additional set of information related to COVID-19. This data, along with other factors, help us determine if or when we should consider starting conversations about the possibility of shifting to a different Learning Model. These metrics are based on science and facts. They are NOT based on politics, perception, or popularity. LPS started tracking COVID data this way August 1, 2020 and has been posting the score almost daily (see below.). This method of COVID tracking is used by several school districts in the metro area. 

Since then, some districts have added their school district COVID data to this formula to provide a clearer picture of what is actually happening in their schools. On October 11, 2020, LPS officially added its own student COVID data point and staff COVID data point to the LPS Covid Tracker. This more comprehensive approach to COVID data tracking helps LPS see the difference between spread of COVID in our community versus in our schools.

While spread may be increasing within our community, the data suggests that our schools are some of the safest places for our kids and adults because we can better control masking and other overlapping health strategies. Our students, staff and parents have done a great job adhering to these protocols, which is why our positive case numbers continue to be low.

Frequently Asked Questions

If LPS needs to make a temporary shift to remote learning, will all schools make that shift together?
We feel it is important to students and families to continue to have in-person learning for as long as possible in as many schools as is safely possible and allowable by public health department guidance. Decisions will be made per individual school on a case-by-case basis. If the rate of COVID transmission and outbreaks within individual schools becomes unmanageable due to illness, quarantines, and staffing shortages, LPS would likely shift those individual schools to temporary remote learning while other schools continue their current in-person learning model. 

If Arapahoe County moves to the more restrictive Phase 3 of “Safer at Home” on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Dial, would LPS move to fully remote learning?
Not necessarily. There is no formal connection between the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s phases and school district decisions. With the exception of a mandate from the Governor, those decisions are left to individual school districts to make. We track both Arapahoe County and LPS data every day. If there were a sustained change over a 7–14 day period, especially in LPS data, then a short-term switch to fully remote learning would be considered. 

If Arapahoe County moves to the “Stay At Home” Phase, would LPS move to fully remote learning?
It depends on the data. Unless the Governor mandates that schools go fully remote, those decisions remain in the hands of individual school districts. Arapahoe County is large, and its data may not necessarily reflect what is happening in our schools and in our community. If the rate of COVID transmission and outbreaks within schools becomes unmanageable due to illness, quarantines, and staffing shortages, LPS would consider a temporary switch to remote learning. If the LPS positive case rate continues to be manageable, we will do our best to continue to have in-person learning in some form as long as it is safe to do so.

If the LPS Covid Tracker rating moves into the red “Remote Learning” category, would LPS switch to fully remote learning?
LPS Covid Tracker ratings are tracked over time. A short-term change in learning model would be considered if the score remains in the red Remote Learning category for 7 to 14 days. LPS would consult with local health experts and would make a decision that is in the best interests of students, employees and families; nothing is more important than their safety.  

How and when would we know if a change in learning model is going to happen?

  • Employees, parents and community members would receive a communication from LPS as soon as a decision is made to switch to a different learning model.
  • The day following the communication would be a non-student day, giving teachers and families a day to prepare for the transition to the other learning model. 
  • Students would continue to learn from their current classroom teacher(s) in a fully remote model.

How is TOPS affected?
TOPS is not affected by a shift to a different learning model. 

How Do the Metrics Work?

The metric is designed to rate six (6) data points associated with the presence of the virus in Arapahoe County.  Each data point is assigned a rating as outlined below and totaled for a rating of relative safety. The rating is tracked over time and must represent a sustained change (7-14 days) to consider a change in whether school is In-Person or remote for the safety of students and staff.  The rating will be tracked and presented in a transparent manner to our community.  If a change is required a communication will be sent to all families.

The New Metric uses the following data sets for Arapahoe County:

  1. Test positivity rate:  Score categories are < 5.0/5.1-7.0/7.0 +
  2. Hospitalizations (daily): Measures the 14 day change in hospitalization rates. Score categories are: less than 5%/5-25% increase/greater than 25% increase
  3. 14-day incident rate per 100,000 residents: Score categories are less than 50/51-100/101 + cases
  4. Daily cases: Trend in case numbers per 100,000 for past two weeks. Score categories are: less than 25%/25-50% increase/greater than 50% increase
  5. LPS current staff positive rate: (Current CV-19 staff cases/staff count *100). Score categories are <.5%/.51-1.0%/1.01% +
  6. LPS current student positive rate: (Current CV-19 student cases/student count *100) Score categories are <.15%/.15-.3%/.30% +

Each metric is awarded between 0-2 points.

The total, wholistic scale is as follows:

LPS CV-19 Tracking

nning Date


Old CV-19 Metric

New, 12 Point Approach Metric*

Data Link

115 11/24/2020 1 4 Link Student cases drops to 18.
116 11/25/2020 2 4 Link  
118 11/27/2020 2 6 Link Staff and student numbers both in the "green" zone, netting two points.
119 11/28/2020 3 7 Link Two week change in hospitalization rate drops to +3%. 
120 11/29/2020 3 7 Link  
121 11/30/2020 3 7 Link  
122 12/1/2020 3 6 Link Student case count, 22, drops one point in scoring
123 12/2/2020 3 6 Link  
124 12/3/2020 3 5 Link Staff case count at 12 drops one point in scoring

The 12-point scale that includes LPS student and staff positivity data helps LPS see the difference between spread of COVID in Arapahoe County versus in LPS schools.

ARCHIVE # 1 August 1-13

ARCHIVE # 2 August 14-28

ARCHIVE # 3 August 28-September 6th

ARCHIVE # 4 September 7-21

ARCHIVE # 5 September 22-October 5th

ARCHIVE #6 October 6th-17th

ARCHIVE #7 October 18th- 28th

ARCHIVE #8 October 29th-November 7th

ARCHIVE #9 November 8th-24th

What updates have been made to the modeling?

8/5/2020-- Initial modeling.

8/16/2020-- Adjusted the threshold scale for the 14-day positivity rate to a lower range: (top left quadrant)

<5.0       =            Green

5.0-7.0   =            Yellow

>7.0       =            Red

Based on advice from Tri-County Health, the link for identifying the 14-day positivity rate was changed to .

10/11/2020-- Added the metrics of staff and student current CV-19 positive rates; changed from a 8 point scale to a 12 point scale.  

10/12/2020-- Put the side by side approach in parallel columns for comparison.