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Littleton Public Schools has developed a new data presentation system in alignment with the plans to return to in-person learning in January, 2021.
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LPS COVID-19 Dashboard

As Littleton Public Schools prepares for a phased return to in-person learning in January, the new LPS COVID-19 Dashboard will offer our community a snapshot of real-time COVID-19 data within the LPS community. While they have been helpful, point systems, dials and trackers (like the previous LPS COVID-19 Tracker) have been generally ineffective in describing what’s actually happening within our school district and individual schools as they are tied to data from the entire county. Data suggest that schools are safe and do not contribute to any meaningful community spread of COVID-19. The new LPS COVID-19 Dashboard presents data relevant to our community, Arapahoe County, and within our schools, offering more precise insights. 

While the data on this dashboard is designed to offer leadership a more accurate view of what is happening in our community, it is not designed to be the sole deciding factor but rather a helpful tool for informing decisions. You will not see scores or color coding; it is designed to report the current state of LPS schools.  


Schools are highly controlled spaces with enforced/reinforced, overlapping health and safety strategies. LPS is committed to as much in person learning as is safe and feasible. Data will be posted on a recurring basis.

COVID-19 Dashboard -3/8/2021

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About the Data

Arapahoe County Data Sources:  Reflects community conditions, using the most current data from Tri-County Health.  You can monitor daily snapshots here: for the 14 day incidents rates, and here for the positivity rates.

Number of Tests: Reflects the testing quantity of LPS employees signing up for testing through the District's partner, Covid Check Colorado.  Note that it does not include testing numbers through other providers (e.g. Kaiser) as LPS does not have access to that data.  

Quarantine Numbers: Represents the number of students or staff currently on quarantine as a result of exposure, either within a LPS school, or outside of school.  This is arranged by level.  Operational staff are folks such as bus drivers, IT, School Nurses who serve a variety of school levels.

Active Cases: Numbers of cases of staff and student by level reported to district sources.