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Academic Programs / Special Features

  • Founded by parents in 1998, the school currently serves 580 students in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade
  • Diverse student body from local and surrounding districts
  • Mastery of the fundamentals through sequential instruction, increased challenge and practice
  • An academically focused curriculum with definite academic goals and content topics for each grade level
  • Orton Gillingham methodology and Direct Instruction, thoroughly researched and field tested, is used in the English language arts block, along with our teacher-directed, highly interactive and fast-paced curriculum
  • Math in Focus and Saxon Math curriculum for all students, Grades K–8 
  • Shurley English curriculum for students, Grades K–8
  • A precision student placement system that ensures that students are appropriately challenged for their own ability level
  • A positive discipline program (PBIS) including student uniforms that supports student safety and dignity
  • High expectations for students, both academically and behaviorally
  • A content-rich academic pre-kindergarten program
  • A content-rich academic full-day kindergarten program
  • Broad menu of student activities and extracurricular opportunities, including competitive athletics in Grades 6–8
  • Strong sense of parent involvement and volunteerism
  • A governing board comprised mainly of parents, which oversees the school and its goals
  • Student activities include: AmeriTowne, International Towne, Math Counts, Brain Bowl, STEM electives, Spelling Bee, Science Olympiad, 4H, Home Economics, NJHS, student council, chess, knitting, drama, co-ed basketball, boys basketball, girls basketball, volleyball, cross country, yoga, track and running club.

It's going to be a great school year!

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5301 South Bannock Street
Littleton, CO 80120
303-734-1995 ext 0

Kim Ash

Littleton Preparatory has a weekly segment of student-specific news that is broadcast to the school. It is written, directed, acted, produced, filmed and edited by LPCS students.