Individual Career and Academic Plan

School districts across Colorado are beginning implementation of the Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) initiative required by Senate Bill 09-256 that enables students in grades 9-12 to create and manage an education plan that leads to their post-secondary and career options. Littleton Public Schools is opting to begin this process in 8th grade.

Students will create their ICAP through the College In Colorado website. An electronic plan can be shared between school districts if a student moves.

All of our middle and high school students have an account name and password with College In Colorado.

Our goal is to assist a student and his or her parent or legal guardian to have a meaningful plan of educational and technical study in exploring the postsecondary career and educational opportunities available to the student, aligning coursework and curriculum, applying to postsecondary education institutions, securing financial aid, and ultimately entering the workforce.

College In Colorado is a free website and offers a variety of information from career and college planning to financial aid/scholarship information to ACT/SAT prep. In addition, College In Colorado has resources for parents, middle school, high school, and college-age students and the adult transitioning into the workforce. Please visit the above website for more information.

ICAP Powerpoint

ICAP Parent Handout

LPS  ICAP Recommended Activities

College in Colorado Log In Instructions

LPS Middle School Brochure

LPS High School Brochure

Required ICAP Elements