Voluntary Lead Testing 2017

LPS Partners with Denver Water for Voluntary Lead Testing

Littleton Public Schools partnered with Denver Water to voluntarily test the drinking water in all Littleton Public Schools facilities to ensure it meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for lead. There is no state or federal mandate requiring schools to do this.

Lead typically is not present in the water sent to our homes and schools, but it can enter the water as it moves through lead-containing plumbing and fixtures, which are common in the older homes and schools throughout our neighborhoods. Therefore, because of the age of our facilities, LPS chooses to take a proactive approach. We want to make sure our students, staff and community members have access to healthy water that meets or exceeds today’s federal standards.  

Water from all fixtures in LPS schools and facilities were tested, which amounted to more than 3,000 water samples. We want to thank Denver Water for conducting the water tests free of charge.  

The EPA recommends action should be taken if lead levels in school drinking/cooking water are over 15 parts per billion, the equivalent to a single drop of water in 55,000 gallons. 

Drinking fountains and kitchen food prep sinks with levels over 15 parts per billion were replaced and tested again. If levels were still above 15 parts per billion, the fixture was turned off until satisfatory remedies were made. All other water fixtures with 15 parts per billion were labeled with a sticker noting that the fixture is for hand washing only and will remain stickered until the proper updates can be made.

Thank you for your support as we continue to maintain our aging facilities and provide a safe and healthy environment in which to learn and work.

Additional Resources

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Please contact: 303-347-3434