District Safety & Mental Health Advisory Committee

in November 2014, the Littleton Public Schools Board of Education established a special Safety and Mental Health Advisory Committee. This committee is reviewing all of the programs and services in place in LPS designed to keep families safe as well as to serve children at risk or in crisis. This committee’s work will help LPS continue to improve.

Parents, mental health experts, community members, agency leaders, law enforcement, teachers, students, and administrators have been represented on this committee.

Meetings are open to the public.

Questions? Contact Mike Jones, assistant superintendent for human resources, mdjones[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us

Meeting Materials

Meeting Agenda for 12/2/14
Presentation 12/2/14
Meeting Minutes for 12/2/14

Meeting Agenda for 1/14/15
Presentation 1/14/15
History of Safety and Security in LPS
Meeting Minutes for 1/14/15

Meeting Agenda for 1/28/15
Presentation 1/28/15
Presentation 1/28/15 
Meeting Minutes for 1/28/15

Meeting Agenda for 2/11/15
Questions from SMHAC Presentation 2/11/15

Presentation 3/11/15

Meeting Minutes for 4/8/15

Meeting Minutes for 4/22/15

Meeting Minutes for 5/9/15

Agenda 5/27/15

LPS Alternative Education & Special Programs
LPS Mental Health Position Paper
Measuring School Climate: A Toolkit for Districts and Schools
Report of Relative Risks of Death in US K-12 Schools
Resource Mapping and Management to Address Barriers to Learning:  an Intervention for Systemic Change

Safety and Security Best Practices Research:
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
20 Simple Strategies to Safer and More Effective Schools
7 Important Building Design Features to Enhance School Safety and Security
Best Practices in School Security

Mental Health Best Practices Research:
A Framework for Safe and Successful Schools

Mental Health Resources:
Child Abuse
Guidelines for Reporting
Reporting Form
Brochure pg. 1
Brochure pg 2

Creative Discipline Helpsheet
Restorative Justice Brochure
Student Code of Conduct

Mental Health
Improving Mental Health In Schools
What Students Say About Mental Health

Juvenile Sex Offenses
18th Judicial Supervision Plan

The Evolution of Colorado's School Attendance Laws

Suicide Intervention
Suicide - Parent Advisement & Resources
Suicide Risk Intervention Report
Suicide Safety Framework & SafePlan

Threat Assessment
Early and Imminent Warning Signs for School Violence
Threat Assessment Guidance Document
Threat Assessment & Action Plan
Threat Assessment Help Sheet
Administrative Review of LPS Threat Assessment Protocols