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Sustainability & Energy Management

Energy Conservation in the Schools

We are working on changing the behavior regarding energy use in our schools, and our goal right now is to cut down on how much electricity we use. Throughout the district, we are implementing Energy Audits. These are designed to give the auditor (usually a student) a quick look at how energy is being used in the classroom when no one is there. Ultimately, we'd like to see lights, projectors, document cameras, and SMARTBoards turned off when there is no one in the classroom.

Please click the links below to access the various audits we've created. Please note that the Sustainability Department tracks each audit submitted.

During School Hours Energy Audit

After School Hours Energy Audit

Small Appliance Audit


We are also striving to make "green" choices when it comes to the cleaning products used in our schools. Click here for the larger PDF version of the image below.

2013-2014 Successes!

If you have photos, stories or videos you would like to share about what's going on at your school, please email Nicole Moyer (nmoyer[at][dot]us) or Brad Leitner (bleitner[at][dot]us) to have them placed on the website! Please be sure any media content showing students is covered under the parent permission form. If you've already got the content on your school's website, please send us the link so we can include it here.

Carl Sandburg Center for the Sciences

The Green Team at Sandburg realized that a lot of energy is wasted each night as netbook carts are plugged in all night to charge; they only really need to be plugged in for a few hours to complete a full charge. They put together a presentation of their proposal to the Sustainability Department for funding for shut-off timers. You can view their presentation here. They did such a great job! As a result of their great thinking, research, and presentation, the Sustainability Department will be providing them with the timers they've requested.

2012-2013 Successes!

Powell Middle School

Students from Julie Doro's Core Plus class (2012-2013 school year) designed posters for a school-wide "Going Green" effort.  Ms. Doro is planning to continue these efforts with her Core Plus students this coming school year.


Newton Middle School

Energy Audits at Newton are getting some attention from Superintendent Scott Murphy at the Innovation Avenue at the LPS Foundation's Spirit Dinner this spring. These photos show Newton students Emma Parkhurst, Madi Wells, Blake Francis and Caleb O'Hayre teaching Mr. Murphy all about Newton's energy use.


Ralph Moody Elementary School

Moody has just developed a new club: Energy Dragons! They are raising awareness throughout the school about energy use and using their Triple E netbooks to conduct energy audits. Also, the students at Moody are very involved in recycling and Terracycling. Awesome stuff!

The Energy Dragons at Ralph Moody have voted and the results are in! They've designed their own logo for their club, as well as a sticker to place on or near light switches to remind everyone to turn off lights as they leave the room. See the winning designs below! The logo, which was designed by Energy Dragons member Alexa, is the picture with the yellow dragon. The sticker, designed by Energy Dragons member Addie, is the "No Lights" with the blue circle. Great job!!


Runyon Elementary School

Check out Runyon's Junior Green Team working on gardening around their school!

Click here to see their Earth Week / Green Team video. Also, check out the poster they've created for their recycling campaign!