2018 Archives

Enacted Senate Legislation

Senate Bill 051 - Ineligible Students Appeal Process Injunctions. Sponsored by Representative K. Priola and Senator N. Todd. Current law provides that any student who is sanctioned or found to be ineligible to participate in an activity may appeal the sanction or finding. A student who has completed the appeal process may file a petition or complaint with a group of sitting or retired judges or other group of neutral arbitrators.
The bill eliminates the option to file a petition or complaint with a group of sitting or retired judges or other group of neutral arbitrators. Instead, a student who has completed the appeal process may seek a preliminary injunction or restraining order.

Senate Bill 108 - Direct Appropriations for CDE Programs. Sponsored by Representative M. Hamner and Senator P. Steadman. Joint Budget Committee. Under current law, the general assembly appropriates moneys into certain cash funds and then reappropriates moneys out of the cash funds to the department of education (department). Under the bill, the general assembly directly appropriates moneys to the department for the programs covered by the cash funds. If a cash fund does not accept moneys from other sources, the cash fund is repealed. If a cash fund does accept other moneys, language concerning the appropriation of moneys by the general assembly to the cash fund is repealed.

Senate Bill 111 - Educator Licensure Cash Fund Continuous Appropriations.

Senate Bill 145 - Supplemental Appropriations Department of Education.

Senate Bill 148 - Supplemental Appropriations Department of Higher Education.

Senate Bill 166 - Current Year Adjustments School Finance.

Senate Bill 167 - Modify 2014-2015 Appropriations from Marijuana Revenue.

Enacted House Legislation

House Bill 1005 - Notice to Students of Postesecondary Courses. Sponsored by Representatives J. Becker and B. Pettersoen and Senator K. Priola. Under current law, a school district, board of cooperative services, district charter school, or institute charter school (local education provider) must notify students and their parents of opportunities for concurrent enrollment in postsecondary courses. The bill requires the notice to include information regarding the benefit of completing concurrent enrollment courses and the local education provider's timelines that affect student eligibility to take these courses. Prior to the beginning of the enrollment period for postsecondary concurrent enrollment courses, the local education provider shall provide students and their parents with written notice of postsecondary courses offered at the local education provider's facility and the cost of those courses, as well as notice regarding postsecondary courses offered at the postsecondary institution's facility and the cost of those courses.

House Bill 1010 - Department of Human Services Report Data and Add Members to Working Group. Sponsored by Representatives P. Lee and J. Wilson and Senator D. Coram. The bill requires the department of human services (department), to calculate annually the recidivism rate and educational outcomes for juveniles committed to the custody of the department who complete their parole sentences and discharge from department supervision. In calculating the recidivism rate, the department shall include any juvenile who is adjudicated for or convicted of a criminal offense, either as a juvenile or as an adult, within 3 years after department discharge. The department shall report the recidivism rate and educational outcomes to the general assembly annually. Existing law requires the state auditor to perform 2 audits of the department's reports of recidivism rates and educational outcomes. The bill requires the judicial department to provide data to the state auditor as permissible by law for the purposes of these audits. The bill adds 2 members to the youth restraint and seclusion working group within the division of youth services.

House Bill 1039 - Change Date of Regular Special District Elections. Sponsored by Representative K. Ransom and Senator R. Gardner. Currently, regular special district elections are held on the Tuesday immediately succeeding the first Monday of May in every even-numbered year. Commencing in 2023, the bill moves such elections to the Tuesday following the first Monday of May in odd-numbered years. In order to implement the new date on which regular special district elections will be held, section 4 of the bill provides that the directors elected at the special district elections held in 2020 and 2022 will serve 3-year terms. Section 5 makes a conforming amendment to the Rail District Act of 1982, which uses the same election schedule as provided for special district directors.

House Bill 1050 - Competency to Proceed Juvenile Justice System. Sponsored by Representative J. Singer and Senator R. Fields. Legislative Oversight Committee Concerning the Treatment of Persons with Mental Health Disorders in the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Systems. The bill establishes a juvenile-specific definition of competent to proceed and incompetent to proceed for juveniles involved in the juvenile justice system, as well as specific definitions for developmental disability, mental capacity, and mental disability when used in this context. The bill clarifies the procedures for establishing incompetency, as well as for establishing the restoration of competency.

Defeated Senate Legislation

Senate Bill 031 - Reciprocity to Practice Occupation or Profession

Senate Bill 033 - Increasing Funding for Public Pre-K-12 Education

Senate Bill 050 - Awarding Colorado's Excellent Scholars Program

Senate Bill 054 - Free or Reduced-Cost Lunch Five Days All Schools

Senate Bill 061 - Disclosure Requirement Small Issue Committees

Senate Bill 062 - Extend Restriction Tuition Increases Higher Ed

Senate Bill 068 - Higher Ed Lower Debt Act

Senate Bill 070 - Child Care Regulation Ten or More Children Only

Senate Bill 073 - Restrict Statewide Tests to Federal Requirements

Senate Bill 077 - Parent's Bill of Rights

Senate Bill 080 - Participation in PERA's Defined Contribution Plan

Senate Bill 083 - Certain Private Org Subject to CORA Requirements

Senate Bill 118 - Mod Qualified State Tuition Program Tax Deductions

Senate Bill 131 - Fostering Success Collaborative for Foster Youth

Senate Bill 132 - Empowering Students in Higher Education Funding

Senate Bill 200 - Private Student Loan Disclosure Requirements

Senate Bill 201 - Cert Authorizers of Multi-District Online Schools

Defeated House Legislation

House Bill 1020 - Funding for Full-Day Kindergarten

House Bill 1024 - Increasing Number of Colorado Preschool Program Students

House Bill 1053 - Ages for Compulsory Education

House Bill 1058 - General Fund Surplus Transfers for Education

House Bill 1076 - Prohibit Discrimination Labor Union Participation

House Bill 1079 - Teen Pregnancy Dropout Prevention Program Funding

House Bill 1080 - School Participation in Breakfast After the Bell

House Bill 1081 - Protect Physical Privacy in Locker Rooms

House Bill 1108 - Protections Collection and Release Student Data

House Bill 1116 - Repeal School Building Inspection Requirement

House Bill 1156 - Higher Ed Performance Funding Resident Students

House Bill 1190 - Assistance to Public Schools for Career Pathways

House Bill 1196 - CO Flex Accounts for Education Services

House Bill 1199 - Student and TEacher Data Privacy and Security Act

House Bill 1200 - Highly Effective Teachers and Low-Performing Schools

House Bill 1240 - Reduce Student Contacts with Law Enforcement

House Bill 1221 - Employee Leave Attend Child's Academic Activities

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