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Easy as:

  • Email file
  • Proof sent for approval
  • Jobs can be sent and received through the pony
  • Small jobs can be turned around in 24 hours

Black and white copies start as low as $0.03 and color copies start as low as $0.35!

Call 303-347-3440 or email printingservices[at][dot]us for estimates.

Work Order Form 
Business Card Order Form (printable)
* Business Card Order Form (online)
Print Shop Price List 

Online Job Submission Instructions

You can send your print jobs directly to the Print Shop. This method is especially convenient when a document is too big to email, e.g. school newsletters.

Use this link  - NOTE: this link will only work properly if you are using the Internet Explorer browser.
A blank folder will appear. Drag and drop your print job into the folder and close the window. Next, email printingservices[at][dot]us with your instructions. 

They will fill out the order form and complete your project.

Please remember, jobs received via this link method do NOT contain your identifying information. Therefore, please be sure to email the print shop with your contact information and any specific instructions for your job so that it can be processed in a timely fashion.

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Examples of our Work



Full pricing sheet! 

Or check the table below for common copying prices on 8.5" x 11" paper.

Black and White Copies

  1-sided 2-sided
White .03 .05
Pastel 20# .05 .07
Bright 60# .06 .08
Cover 65# 67# .10 .12
Labels .75 N/A

Color Copies

  1-sided 2-sided
Text Paper .35 .60
Cover .50 .95



LPS Gear

Below are some photos of the types of gear available from LPS Printing Services.