Laura Hooper

Lunch Schedule


FT-KED        Lunch           11:20-11:40         Recess 11:40-12:05

1st Grade     Recess         10:50-11:15          Lunch   10:30-10:50

2nd Grade    Recess         10:30-10:55       Lunch   10:55-11:15

3rd Grade     Recess         11:20-11:45        Lunch   11:45-12:05

4th Grade      Recess        11:45-12:10        Lunch   12:10-12:30

5th Grade      Recess        12:10-12:35        Lunch   12:35-12:55

Lunch Menu

Cafeteria Manager-  Laura Hooper
Email: lhooper[at][dot]us  
Voicemail: 303-347-4766 

Pay lunches online at:

Students may bring or buy lunch. The regular hot lunch costs $2.95  and  includes milk . Student can purchase milk for 75¢. Parents can deposit money into a student lunch account.

Lunch accounts are based on individual student identification numbers. Checks or cash may be deposited in lunch accounts before school (7:45 am). Parents can indicate how much, if any, money can be used to purchase snacks. Lunch allocation forms are available in the office and on the website.

If a student forgets his/her lunch or money, a charge can be made. When a student has “0” or “1” lunch left, cafeteria staff will stamp the back of his/her hand as a reminder. A student cannot charge more than 3 lunches. The lunch manager will send home a charge sheet indicating the balance due.