Staff Directory

School and Classroom Staff

The Village staff are qualified, highly trained, caring individuals who enjoy children and are dedicated early childhood professionals. Each class is taught by a qualified lead teacher and a paraprofessional. Class size is limited to a maximum of 16 students. All of our teachers and paraprofessionals meet school district and state requirements for working with young children. Staff meet regularly to plan, problem solve, and communicate ideas regarding the program. Staff development and training is on-going. Staff meet regularly with parents and welcome suggestions and comments. Confidentiality is respected and practiced.

Administration and Support Staff

  • Marnie Yanacheak, Director/Principal
  • Debi Reid, Family Partnerships Manager
  • Susan Calhoun, Education Manager
  • Chris Krutsche, Director's Secretary
  • Danielle Oberosler, Registrar and Campus Coach
  • Hortensia Edwards, Translator and Classroom Support
  • Melissa Alcala, Classroom Support
  • Arlene Carlson, Family Partnerships Assistant and Parent Outreach Coordinator
  • Carlos Vargas and Alfonso Pacheco, Custodians

Classroom Teachers

  • Rainbow Room: Brenda Fox and Darlene Fox
  • Red Room: Brenda Smith and Myreya Beltran
  • Blue Room: Alessandria Amescua and Elaine Spies 
  • Purple Room: Kitti Mayne and Lindsay Smethers
  • Green Room:  Mary Shepard and Joy Ruppert
  • Pink Room: Merja Duke and Beverly Carey
  • Yellow Room: Jodi Ruybal and ida Beltran
  • White Room: Emily Marchetti and Bonnie Stephenson
  • Brown Room: Dana Thieman and Wendy Abalos
  • Gold Room: Nadia Boyd and Ruth Simonson
  • Orange Room: Susan Calhoun

Special Education Team

  • Barb Ritchie - Coordinator of Special Programs
  • Kelly Smith, Secretary
  • Katie Fanning, ECSE
  • Tara Manto, ECSE
  • Kendra Hatler, ECSE
  • Marcie Foster, Mental Health Professional
  • Margot Lombardi, Psychologist (Child Find)
  • Amy Pfeiffer, ECSE (Child Find)
  • Cassidy Bell, OT (Child FInd)
  • Amy Prins, OTR
  • Juan Mendoza, COTA
  • Kerry O'Brien, COTA
  • Nan Butler, SLP
  • Amanda Dreyer, SLP
  • Sharie Jaeger, SLP (Child Find)
  • Misako Mimori, Tammy Roberts, Amber Taylor, Michele Thompson - Special Education Paraprofessionals