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  • Imagine The Possibilities…

    What does education need to look like in order for our kindergartners to be successful in 2030? What skills will the future workforce demand? How does a high-performing destination district such as LPS remain relevant, innovative and visionary? Join LPS Superintendent Brian Ewert for a conversation about the possibilities for the future: Securing necessary state and local funding to recover from a decade of state budget cuts Offering programming that prepares students for the rapidly changing expectations and demands of today’s colleges and the workforce Making wise investments in taxpayer facilities that will serve students and the community well for decades View the Schedule: LPS Future Vision Roadshow (This a fluid schedule - please check badk for changes/additions)

  • Call to Action: Please Contact Your Legislators for Increased K-12 Funding

    Dear Littleton Public Schools Community: I want to let you know of an important opportunity to make your voice heard at the Colorado Capitol.   An ad hoc coalition of school districts from across the state has come together to launch the Kids Matter Too Coalition. This statewide coalition of parents and educators is calling on lawmakers to ensure Colorado’s growth benefits families by increasing funding for schools. Colorado school districts are coping with a teacher shortage crisis, shrinking funds for special education and inadequate mental health services. Next week, the state budget projections will be released and many expect a surplus. Lawmakers will be making decisions about what to do with this additional funding, and Kids Matter Too Coalition members from every corner of the state are calling for additional funding to benefit students. Consider: Colorado currently ranks 42nd in the nation in per pupil funding and 50th in the nation in teacher salary competitiveness. Next year, Colorado public schools will need to fill 3,000 vacant positions. This will be difficult with such low teacher salaries. Funding additional mental health services is more than just a resource to help students succeed; it’s a student safety issue, as well. Years of budget cuts have decimated the ranks of school counselors and mental health professionals. Our students and families need more mental health support in our schools. Only Oklahoma and Arizona spend less than Colorado on services for students with special needs. The federal and state government together only cover about 30% of the costs of these expensive services, which leaves individual school districts responsible to cover the remaining 70% with the dwindling funding they have.   We often hear in the news about the strength of the state’s economy, but our schools are still reeling from drastic cuts during the recession. LPS alone has been shortchanged $101 million since 2008. Our students deserve better, and now the Legislature may be in a position to return some of this funding to its public schools. I urge you to contact your legislators in the next few days to tell them how important it is to increase funding for K-12 education in Colorado. Kids Matter Too provides valuable resources to help you connect with elected officials.   The 2018 Legislative Session is moving quickly, so please stay connected to these important issues: Visit the website Like Kids Matter Too on Facebook Follow @Kids_MatterToo on Twitter Help us secure critical funding for the students here in LPS and across Colorado. Your voice matters! Thank you for your continued partnership and support.   Sincerely, Brian Ewert Superintendent Littleton Public Schools

  • Early Access Deadline is April 1st

    The last day to turn in applications for Early Access to Kindergarten or First Grade is April 1st, 2018. No applications will be accepted after this date. Application: Early Access to Kindergarten or First Grade For more information, please visit the Early Access page.

  • A Message from Superintendent Ewert Regarding National Protests

    Dear Littleton Public Schools Parents/Guardians, As you may know, there is a national movement to empower student voices through potential demonstrations or walkouts. One such national event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 14, 2018. Students from across the nation have indicated they intend to demonstrate in the form of a walkout at 10 a.m. that morning to urge lawmakers to pass legislation to keep students safe from gun violence at school, at home and in the community. The national walkout will last 17-minutes, symbolizing the 17 lives lost during the February 14, 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.   It is our understanding that students in several LPS schools plan to participate in this national walkout. It is important to us that our students learn to be independent, critical thinkers who contribute to a democratic society in a positive way. We support our students’ rights to express their views and opinions, understanding that students have opinions on all sides of issues, which could result in student-led demonstrations and student-led counter demonstrations. It is also important that such advocacy always be carried out in a safe, peaceful and respectful manner that does not infringe upon the rights and safety of others.   LPS educates students preschool through grade 12 and beyond. LPS school and district leaders have been working with students to provide age-appropriate and safe ways for students’ voices to be heard with the least disruption to the school day. The following arrangements have been made in the interest of keeping all students safe during the national walkout Wednesday, March 14, 2018: Elementary schools will not be allowing students to walk out of school for the demonstration nor designating a supervised area for a student walkout. The elementary school day will progress on its normal schedule. Parents who want their elementary students to participate in the national walkout should do so off LPS property and bring their students to school after the walkout. Per our normal procedures, elementary students arriving late will need to have a parent/guardian sign them in at their school's main office. Supervised space on campus will be provided for middle school students who choose to participate in the 17-minute walkout. During this time, students must stay in the designated, supervised area. Students will not be allowed to leave campus unless they are signed out by a parent/guardian. Students will be expected to return to class immediately following the walkout. Supervised space on campus will be provided for high school students who choose to participate in the 17-minute walkout. Students are expected to return to class immediately following the walkout. LPS does not endorse any particular viewpoint or advocacy group. We do, however, respect our students’ rights to express themselves safely. District security and local law enforcement will be providing additional support. In the interest of student safety, designated walkout areas are for students and supervising staff only. It is our expectation that parents, community members and outside advocacy groups who want to express their opinions do so at the Capitol or through other community demonstrations. Thank you for partnering with us in our efforts to keep students safe. Nothing is more important.   Sincerely, Brian Ewert Superintendent


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