Kindergarten Options

The Kindergarten Experience at Mark Twain Elementary

That exciting and tearful time has finally arrived, when you will be sending your little one off to Kindergarten!   You want them to have a safe, caring, stimulating first time school experience.  And that is exactly what we offer here at Mark Twain Elementary.  Every day will be a new adventure for your children, who will learn the foundational skills they need, both academic and social.  We take each child where they are and help them reach the next level in their development.  

For the 2016 - 2017 school year we will offer a half-day Kindergarten program Monday through Friday mornings from 9:06 AM to 11:55 AM or in the afternoons from 12:55 to 3:43 PM.

And for those parents with children in the AM Kindergarten who want their child to have a full-day Kindergarten experience, or for those who simply find it fits their schedule better for their child to be at school all day, we offer an optional afternoon Kindergarten-Plus (K-Plus) program.  This is a tuition based program that builds on, enriches, and supports the skills your child is learning in the morning.  K-Plus is staffed by an experienced, certified teacher who extends the morning curriculum so your child has a seamless day of learning and fun.  And the best part is:  you can choose to enroll in K-Plus for 2,3,4 or 5 days a week.

The tuition is K-Plus is as follows:

2 days per week --  $150 per month

3 days per week --  $200 per month

4 days per week --  $250 per month

5 days per week --  $300 per month

Monthly payments are due from September through May (9 months), regardless of the school calendar (breaks, etc).  A $25 non refundable  registration fee is due when you sign your child up for K-Plus.

Consider your options and then click on the K-Plus registration link below.  We look forward to seeing your Kindergartener at Mark Twain next school year!