PBIS - Positive Behavior Intervention Support

C3 - Climate, Culture & Character

To enable students to demonstrate their leadership skills and abilities through student focused lessons and activities on the leadership traits of Character, Responsibility and Effort.

Belief Statement
It is with much excitement that we share with you the work of our C3 (Climate, Culture and Character) Committee and our Lead to Succeed initiative.  The C3 Committee and our Lead to succeed initiative have grown out of our Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) program which began in 2007.  With our PBIS focus on being Safe, Respectful, Responsible and Productive, we hope that students are able to participate in and get the most out of their learning here at Carl Sandburg. 

As our PBIS program has grown throughout the years, we have made the choice to start implementing a school wide leadership focus to encourage all students to become leaders here at Carl Sandburg.  Our leadership vision began with our reading of "The Leader in Me" by Stephen Covey.  It is with this shifting focus, that we have added the traits of Character and Effort into our PBIS and leadership vocabulary.  Through this initiative our students have the opportunity to learn about their roles as leaders by participating in student centered lessons, multi-grade level activities and school wide assemblies.  We are thrilled to see, through student interactions and decision making, that our students are learning to see themselves as leaders.

Expectations & Recognition

Practice safety
Always be respectful
Work responsibly 
Stay focused & productive

Click here for more information regarding PAWS expectations throughout the building. 

PAW Tickets
Individual students earn tickets for demonstrating leadership behavior and PBIS expectations (Safe, Respectful, Responsible, Productive). 
Tickets may be redeemed for items from the school store, class menu or turned into the Ticket Bucket for a chance to have their name read during the daily announcements. 


Recognition to classes for demonstrating leadership in the hallway, cafeteria, library, assemblies, etc. 

THINK Posters


The first class that collected and turned in 200 tickets for an extra class of PE! Congrats Mr. K's 3rd grade class!

Student Council bulletin board illustrating our word of the month - RESPECT