LPS is cancelling all classes for Friday, April 27, 2018 due to insufficient staffing.

Please click here to read a communication from Superintendent Brian Ewert regarding the closure.


Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday & Friday

1st  7:40am-8:33am
2nd 8:35am-9:28am
INT 9:30am-10:15am
3rd 10:17am-11:08am
4th 11:10am-12:00am
Lunch 12:00am-12:30pm
5th 12:32pm-1:25pm
6th 1:27pm-2:20pm


1st 9:40am-10:41am
2nd 10:43am-11:44am
Lunch 11:44am-12:14pm
3rd 12:16pm-1:17pm
4th 1:19pm-2:20pm