Nutrition Services is very excited to be going to a new menu format!  We have a new website which hosts our interactive menus and smart phone app!  The interactive menus allow parents and students to hover over an item to see a description, nutrient information, and allergen information.  It also has an allergen filter and carb count information.  The menus can also be printed from the website in a calendar format.  We will be going live with the menus tomorrow, March, 1st.  I've included the link to our new menu website below.  From this link you will have to navigate to your school and choose breakfast or lunch.  The links to menus from your school website will take you directly to the menus for your school.  You will not have to update anything as Sharlyn Metzger will be updating the links.  
The nutrient information and allergen information that is currently on the Nutrition Services menu page have been moved to our home page, but the same information can be seen on the new interactive menus.  Also, if you have printed a menu from our website earlier this semester, it is still the correct information.  
If you have any questions regarding the new app, please contact Carlynn Fitzgerald at cfitzgerald[at][dot]us or 303-347-3357.