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NMS Clubs and Activities
There are many opportunities at Newton Middle School to participate in clubs and other school activities. Under NMS Clubs and Activities you will find helpful information regarding the various clubs our staff and students offer each year. The fee for all students participating in clubs is $20, which allows any student to participate in as many clubs as they choose to. If you do not find information regarding the club or activity that you are looking for, please contact the following Newton Staff members for more information. For all club meeting dates and times, please see individual clubs below or the calendar on Newton's homepage. If you want to start a club, contact a teacher willing to sponsor or Mrs. Sutton to help find a sponsor and for further information.
Newton Club Information
An important part of learning is to pursue other interests either before school or after school. This could be a hobby or a favorite activity that may not be offered during the school day as a class or opportunity during our intervention/enrichment periods during the school day. The following clubs are currently sponsored clubs by teachers at Newton Middle School. If you are interested in joining one of the following clubs, speak with the advisor of the club that you are interested in participating in or see Mrs. Sutton with questions.
If you would like to see a club that is not currently offered, there is always the opportunity to offer a new club at Newton. Follow a few simple steps to begin the process of being a recognized club at Newton.
  • Gather a list of students (minimum of twelve students) that would be interested in starting the club.
  • Find a teacher advisor to oversee the group of students for the club.
  • Arrange with the advisor all the meeting dates for the year. The Club Coordinator recommends you meet a minimum of ten times during the school year.
  • Contact the Club Coordinator or Mrs. Sutton to receive final approval for the club. E-mail Mrs. Sutton with all requests.
  • Club cost for all grade levels is $20 per year.
2016-2017 Clubs, Activities, and Opportunities! 
All clubs meet after school from 3-4 once a week. Please contact the club sponsor if you have any questions or would like to get involved. See Newton's Website Calendar for dates and times. 
  • Lego - Mrs. Silverman
  • Floor Hockey - Mrs. Jenkins & Mrs. J. Andrews
  • Magic: The Gathering - Ms. Trainer
  • Art - Mrs. J. Andrews
  • Anime - Ms. Bryan
By Invitation or Application Only
  • Jazz Band - Mrs. Bransgrove
  • NJHS - Mrs. Petrelli & Mrs. DeSantis
  • WEB - Mrs. Ebel & Ms. Trainer
Free Clubs
  • Sign Language - Mrs. Oaster & Mrs. Bowker
  • Color Guard - Mrs. May
Additional clubs will be added throughout the school year as the interest arises.

2016-2017 Club List

Please note: This list is subject to change. More information can be found on the bottom of this page.
Floor Hockey
Magis: The Gathering
Jazz Band
Sign Language
Color Guard