Parent President's Council

Parent Presidents Join Forces at LHS

Did you know that Littleton High School is supported by not just one, but by four parent support groups?  Recently, we formed a “Parent President’s Council” so that these terrific groups can get to know each other, share ideas, align their efforts, and – we hope – magnify the great effects of their work.

The PTO (Parent Teacher  Organization) supports the entire school.  This 501c3 raises $35- $40,000 per year from direct donations and fund raisers.  While its largest commitment is After Prom, PTO also provides financial support for many annual activities, including the August New Student Picnic, Faculty and Staff appreciation events, and Senior Breakfast.  PTO also supports school improvement projects each year that benefit all of our students. Click here to learn more.

Encore supports students in our performing arts program.  In 2013-14, they raised $8,200 through direct donations, concessions at performances, a fall bar-b-q, and a craft fair.  Encore supports classroom students and teachers in vocal and instrumental music and in theater by underwriting the costs of classroom supplies, printing and programs, conference attendance, travel, video and sound equipment, accompanists and consultants.  Encore also oversees the individual accounts that students set up in preparation for the trips that this department leads every three years.  Click here to learn more.

The Lions Booster Club supports over 500 student-athletes and coaches.  This 501c3 oversees approximately $28,000 per year.  While some funds sit in a general account to benefit the entire athletic program, specific dollars are earned by and assigned to individual sports, the result of direct contributions or fundraisers by those coaches, athletes, and families.  The Boosters raise money through concessions, direct contributions, and a winter fundraiser.  In addition to underwriting the cost of uniforms, the Boosters have recently supported the purchase of a new sound system for the gym, the baseball scoreboard, track and field equipment, and a diving board.  Click here to learn more.

The IB Parent Organization supports IB teachers and classrooms, and aims to raise about $5,000 per year.  This group funds regular parent meetings, student gatherings and celebrations, and teacher grants, such as lab specimens, field trips, and classroom supplies.  Click here to learn more.

Altogether, these groups raise anywhere from $75 to $80,000 per year.  Their support makes possible many of the programs and activities that we have come to expect at LHS.  Your time and your financial support make these vibrant parent organizations possible.  Thank you!