Sprinting for the Stars Fund Run

Lesnki was the big winner in the Sprint for the Stars, raising 
The support from parents, extended family, and the community was overwhelming! Congratulations to all the kids for their hard work contacting family and getting out there in your neighborhoods to raise money. Over 80% of the Lenski Students participate in obtaining pledges.
A Letter From the Principal:

Hello Parents:

On behalf of the staff at Lenski, I would like to thank you for your overwhelming support extended through the Lenski Sprinting for the Stars Fund Run.  I am excited to announce that the Lenski students raised $115,000 through their hard work  contacting family and friends and getting out in their neighborhoods to raise money!  They far surpassed the $80K fundraising goal with over 80% of the Lenski students obtaining pledges for their run.

ONE HUNDRED percent of these dollars go directly to Lenski!  Look for some playground improvements along with the majority of funds raised going directly to the  PTO's ongoing support of Lenski's staffing budget.  This support supplements our district-apportioned funding and improves Lenski's ability to provide specialist teachers to supplement the classroom experience with differentiated, small-group learning for ALL Lenski students. Through all of our efforts, Lenski is able to provide a learning experience that far exceeds what the district funds.

For their efforts, students will be awarded prizes starting on Monday, October 24th. You will be informed via email this week which prizes your student may have earned.

Again, thank you so much for your support.  We have such a fantastic community for which we are forever grateful!


Barbara DeSpain, Principal  

We will see you there! If you have any questions or would like to volunteer on race day, please call
Kim Madden at 303-587-9355 or email at kimfmadden17[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks!