Counseling Connections

Counseling is an essential part of the total educational program at Heritage High School and includes counseling, career development, appraisal and test interpretation, consultation, referral, academic monitoring, and support services for students, parents, faculty and administration.


*Please note that counselors see all grade levels within their alpha groups.

Alpha A - F  Laronda Lawson  303-347-7615  llawson[at][dot]us
Alpha G - L Maureen Stewart 303-347-7617  mkstewart[at][dot]us
Alpha M - R Candy Riegel  303-347-7616 criegel[at][dot]us
Alpha S - Z Brian Powers 303-347-7614  bpowers[at][dot]us
Interventions Allison Oscar 303-347-3639 aoscar[at][dot]us

Support Staff

Post Grad Specialist  Joni Lieb 303-347-7683 jlieb[at][dot]us
Registrar (Records/Transcripts)  Steena Kearns 303-347-7613  skearns[at][dot]us
Secretary  Becky Moody 303-347-7610 bmoody[at][dot]us


How to see your counselor

Counselors encourage students to sign up to see them throughout the school year for academic questions, personal concerns and college/career planning needs. The Counseling Office has a clipboard system where students can sign up to see their counselor during an unscheduled period. It is recommended that students write their scheduled time in their planner so that they will remember their appointment.  In order to protect the privacy of other students, parents, and staff members who may be meeting with a counselor, we ask that students please check in with secretaries, Becky Moody or Debbie Graham, before walking back to their counselor’s office.  It may be a moment before their counselor is free, and students will be asked to stay in the waiting area until their counselor is available.

Contacting counselors

During the school day counselors may not be able to answer their phones or check their email due to working with students, parents and staff.  Please leave a message by phone or send an email to your student’s counselor with the purpose of your contact so that the information you are seeking can be researched.  Return communication will be made as soon as possible.  If you need immediate attention, please call 303-347-7610 or 303-347-7613 and speak with Becky Moody or Debbie Graham.

Staying connected

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