Counselors at Heritage High School support academic needs.  As students transition from middle school to high school, we provide them with an overview of Heritage graduation requirements, advise on academic options, and introduce the mindset of achieving in high school while also preparing for post graduation planning.  As students progress through their high school years, we continue to work with them on their current program as well as preparing for their future.  Counselors also work with students who are struggling in classes through assistance with academic support through tutoring, academic interventions, and making connections with staff members who can help them.  

Counselors are members of Student Intervention Teams in which a counselor, an administrator, a mental health professional, the Counselor Interventionist, the Intervention Specialist, and a teacher meet regularly to address individual student concerns regarding success in school.  

The links on this page include various academic enrichment and support provided through the Counseling Office and Heritage High School.

Individual Career & Academic Plan (ICAP) and College In Colorado
The Colorado State Legislature enacted into law a requirement that all students grades 9 – 12 would have access to a system within their high school to create and manage an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP). The ICAP is intended to get students to start exploring careers and interests as well as setting action steps to reach post-high school goals. Littleton Public Schools has worked with College In Colorado, a web based resource, to support ICAP. Heritage High School freshman and sophomore students will have opportunities to work on their ICAPs in Business Technology and Business Principles. If they do not have either of these classes, they will be given opportunity through another venue during the school year. Junior and senior students may access their ICAP through the Post Grad Center and Naviance.
To log into College In Colorado, Heritage students will use their student number with the letters "lps" in front of it as their username. (For example: lps123456.) Their password is the same as their Google Apps password which they can locate within the Infinite Campus Portal under the Technology link. 
Research shows that there is a strong correlation between what people believe they are capable of, the goals they set for themselves and the accomplishment of those goals.   With the wealth of tools and information provided through College In Colorado, your students can learn about themselves, their future goals and opportunities, postsecondary education, paying for education and careers. The ICAP is a great starting place for this investigation. 
College In Colorado College Guide.pdf


Graduation Requirements - Open this link to view graduation requirements as listed in The Prospector Course Guide.

Career and Technical Education 

LPS is part of a consortium of South Metro school districts that offer career-based courses for interested juniors and seniors.  These courses can be built into student schedules so that they attend Heritage part of the day and their CTE course for the other part.  Each course is a hands-on learning lab setting, and many offer internship experiences for students to see the real-life job experience.  Some of the courses are designated as dual credit courses, so they count for both high school and college credit.  Students must be on track with their credits with HHS, they must pay associated lab fees for materials and they must provide their own transportation.

To review the various CTE course programs and get more information, go to the district site.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment is a program that provides juniors and seniors the opportunity to enroll at local community colleges and earn dual high school and college credit.  Students can take up to two courses per semester.  Students must complete application materials in the semester prior to the semester they wish to attend.  With a grade of C or better, LPS will pay the tuition costs for the class.  The family will need to pay any fees and costs for books.  Due to proximity, most HHS students choose to attend Arapahoe Community College.

Watch for CE meeting notices in the school announcements or ask your counselor for more information. You can also visit the district site for more information about applying and enrolling.

Review a list of ACC course offerings at:

Tutoring and Academic Support

  • If you are struggling with a class, your best resource is your teacher.  If, after you have sought help from your teacher, you still need assistance, sign up to see your counselor.  Counselors can help you in accessing tutoring resources.
  • National Honor Society:  Peer tutors are a great resource since they have recently taken classes in which you may need help.  Go to to view the NHS tutor schedule and locations. 
  • Enrichment:  During Mondays and Thursdays in Advisory students can meet with teachers for help.  Enrichment for Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science is teacher-arranged.  If students need assistance in another subject or with their core teacher and have not been invited to Enrichment, they can request a pass to see their teacher.  
  • Unscheduled Time:  Take advantage of your unscheduled time to meet with your teacher or a teacher who also teaches that subject.  
  • Private Tutors:  Counselors cannot provide students and parents with names of outside tutor.   Private tutors sometimes post their services at local public libraries.
  • Rocket Science Tutoring:  Free math and science in primarily math, science, and STEM related course is offered on Wednesdays from 6-7:30 pm in room 3846 and is open to all students.. Bring your materials, textbook, calculator, pencil and an open mind.

Credit Recovery

  • Summer School: If your student needs to take classes to recover high school credits, see ACC 2018 Summer School Schedule.pdf. Summer school is provided through a Littleton Public Schools and Arapahoe Community College cooperation and is held during the month of June.
  • Credit Recovery at Heritage High School: Students may be able to take online credit recovery classes at Heritage High School during the school year.  A class entitled Academic Support is placed in the student’s schedule and students are expected to attend.  While in Academic Support, students will be set up in the recommended online credit recovery course, which will be supported and monitored by Mr. Wade Billeisen, Intervention Specialist.  The course must be completed within the semester it is started. Mr. Billeisen can be contacted at:  jbilleisen[at][dot]us or 303-734-6655.
  • Credit Recovery or Courses Outside of Heritage High School/Littleton Public Schools: Students who wish to take a course other than those supported by HHS and LPS must talk with their counselor for options and to obtain approval through LPS Learning Services.