Welcome to STEM

While working in a fully equipped Wood Shop and Technology Lab, you will have the opportunity to

design and build your unique ideas while engaging in the Engineering Design Cycle.  

STEM at GMS is the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through hands on projects that stress the importance of critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and design through the use of cutting edge technology and traditional woodworking. This is a class where a student can get excited to create!

Below is a list of skills and projects each grade level will complete:
Sixth Grade –STEM

-Tool/shop Safety    -Measurement    -Trebuchet    -Website

-Corel Draw   -Wind Turbines   -Whitebox Gliders

-Engineering Design Cycle   -Engineering Design Challenge


Seventh Grade –STEM

-Tool/shop Safety        -Measurement     -Golf Tee Game  

-Website    -Clock        -Choice Projects -Whitebox Bridges         

- Engineering Design Cycle    -Engineering Design Challenge


Eighth Grade -STEM

$20 fee required

-Tool/shop Safety        -Measurement     -Canvas Back Chair     

-Website    -Logo Design     -Choice Projects     -C02 Car      

- Vex Robots          -Engineering Design Challenge