Gary Hein - Principal
Nalisha Cotter - Secretary

Ed Clous - Assistant Principal
grade 6 (Elbert, Columbia), grade 8
Kirstine Rand - Secretary

Kevin Kolasa - Assistant Principal
grade 6 (Antero, Evans), grade 7
Jill Kelley - Secretary


Mindy Morris - Counselor 
grade 6 (Elbert, Columbia), grade 8

Tara Kolker - Counselor 
grade 6 (Antero, Evans), grade 7

Anne Keely - Department Secretary

Michelle Tripeny - Health Aide AM

Ann Davis - Health Aide PM

Intervention Specialists

Stacie Richardson
RtI Specialist & Instructional Coach

Marissa Broyles
RtI Specialist & 6th Grade STEM

Resource Officer

James Fountain - Littleton Police Department

LPS schools are committed to safety for our children and staff. We have a dedicated Police Officer on campus during school hours. Click to learn more about our awesome Resource Officer.