Curbside Pickup

Dear Centennial Families,

The safety of our students, families, and staff is our highest priority. The following are the details for the drop off/pick up process at Centennial, we ask all families to follow the process to ensure safety and efficient processes at arrival and dismissal.  

During the following blocks of time , NO vehicles will be permitted in the parking lot other than vehicles with the CURBSIDE PROGRAM card displayed OR school buses.


For families who drop off and pick up their students in their vehicle, our CURBSIDE PROGRAM is for you. You will remain in your vehicle with a CURBSIDE PROGRAM card with your student(s) names visible to our staff members. We will bring your student(s) to your vehicle and off you go. Please review the attached map to learn the route that vehicles will take for the CURBSIDE PROGRAM. CURBSIDE PROGRAM cards are available any time at the school in the main office or can be requested through your child's teacher. Additional cards for multiple vehicles or multiple children are available upon request. In order to participate in the CURBSIDE PROGRAM, you must have the card displayed in your vehicle. Follow the directions on the card, printing your children's names clearly in bold black marker. Leave the card in your vehicle and have it clearly displayed in your windshield as you enter the parking lot to pick up your student(s). Follow the route and your student(s) will be united with you in the Pick Up staging area by the gym. The same route is followed in the morning when you drop off your student(s). Curbside Opens up at 2:54pm

Walker Pick Up: For families who park off-site and walk in to pick up your student(s), students will be dismissed through the east entrance. We ask that you walk to the west entrance to pick up your students rather than have your student go to you.

Buses:  For families whose students ride the school bus, buses will load and unload students as indicated on the map. No other vehicles will be permitted in the bus loading zone.

For families whose students ride in a van to and/or from an offsite childcare facility, please ask your childcare facility to contact the school so that we can discuss with them the best place to load and unload.

It is very important that parents communicate clearly each morning with their student(s) about the pickup plan for the day, especially if there are changes from your normal routine. We ask that you follow these procedures at all times. Your cooperation is critical. Please click here for a copy of the map.

Please contact me or our office with any questions or concerns. 

Thank you,

Karla Gruenwald, Principal