Prepare for Next Year

Summer Homework

According to our Founding Principles, Littleton Academy students are ability grouped for math and reading. In order to best meet the needs of our 52 students in every grade level, we want to use current and consistent data to create ability groups.  During the first month of school, teachers will give a variety of assessments to their classes to determine what students know and are able to do and we will give the CogAT test to determine their verbal,quantitative, and non-verbal abilities. All ability groups for reading (Elementary)/English (Middle School) and math (grades 1-8) will be determined by teams of teachers using this body of evidence in conjunction with evidence that has been collected from previous years for returning students. 

Different from previous years, we will not have a math placement or math advancement test in the summer; instead, teachers will use the data collected as described above to create and confirm student groupings. 

Teachers have created summer homework to prepare all students for the new year of learning and all students are expected to complete their summer homework prior to the first day of the new school year. To better prevent the "summer slide",  teachers have expanded the summer homework.

Summer Homework

Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge will begin on Monday, May 28th. Please find your child’s upcoming grade challenges and print out the game board. The Summer Reading Challenge is meant to be fun and incorporate all of the amazing

experiences you will have this summer. Fill in the game board and save your
challenges. In August bring your game board and work to Mrs. Graziano. There will be a Summer Reading Challenge celebration at the beginning of next year.   Please click here to get to all of the Summer Challenge Documents.

Happy Summer Reading

Mrs. Graziano


Class Supply Lists

To see what supplies your child will need, and see the summer reading selections, please click on a link below to see the full list for each grade level.

School Fees

Kindergarten Supply List

1st Grade Supply List          2nd Grade Supply List

3rd Grade Supply List          4th Grade Supply List

5th Grade Supply List          6th Grade Supply List

7th Grade Supply List          8th Grade Supply List

Medication at School

In order to have over-the-counter or prescription
medications at school for your child, you and your
physician, must fill out the following form -
one form per medication.
If your student has an existing Health Care Action Plan
or Asthma Plan, you do not need this form, all medications
are authorized in your plan.

Medication Authorization Form