School Age Child & Summer Care

All LPS elementary schools offer in-house, affordable before- and after-school childcare opportunities as well as summer care.  Click on the school link below to learn more about its School Age Child Care (SACC) options: 

Centennial Academy


School Age Child Care Information


LPS elementary schools offer a variety of School Age Child Care, SACC, options to meet family needs during the school year and over the summer.  SACC programs are not supported by state or district funds.  LPS SACC program fees must cover all operating costs.  LPS SACC programs provide quality child care and enrichment opportunities at rates that are often much less than other local child care providers.




**Field Elementary School has an outside provider for childcare.  Parents should check in with Champions for childcare at Field.


Families sometimes inquire about assistance for School Age Child Care.  As noted above, there are no state or district funds to support SACC fees.  LPS SACC programs do accept Child Care Assistance Program or CCAP.  CCAP helps eligible families with the cost of child care for children from birth to age 12.  CCAP is not overseen by LPS.  Parents interested in learning more about CCAP can find information at


Please check your school’s website for more information regarding School Age Child Care.




Kindergarten Information


At Littleton Public Schools, we pride ourselves on kindergarten programs that are child-centered and meet the needs of the whole child. Children receive a balanced program to meet their individual needs for cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. Our goal is to start our youngest learners on the road to a lifetime of success through a love of learning.  Students are eligible for kindergarten if they turn five years of age on or before October 1 of the year of enrollment.

The state of Colorado funds all half-day, and a few full-day, kindergarten programs in its public schools. Because we believe strongly in the importance of early childhood education, all LPS elementary schools also offer a variety of full-day kindergarten options. Some are tuition-based and some are free, funded through state and federal monies. In addition, all LPS elementary schools offer tuition-based before and after school child care.

Tuition based kindergarten programs include K+ and Kindergarten Extended Day (KED).  K+ is a half day program  that can be paired with the half day kindergarten program.  All district and state curriculum objectives are addressed in the half-day kindergarten program with a  licensed / certified classroom teacher.  The K+ program is run by a highly qualified paraprofessional.  Activities include enrichment, some educational reinforcement and additional time for play.  KED allows the students to have a full day kindergarten program with a licensed / certified teacher.  Students stay with the same teacher all day.  The  licensed / certified classroom teacher has a full day to address district and state curriculum objectives as well as to provide extensions, enrichment and additional opportunities for play.

Tuition based kindergarten program fees for the 2018-2019   KED and K+ both have a non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 in addition to the amounts listed below.
2018-19 Kindergarten Tuition fees