Nutrition Information

Nutritional Information

Click the links below to look at the nutritional information for each meal. 

Elementary and Charter Nutrient Information Middle School Nutrient Information High School Nutrient Information Preschool Nutrient Information

Elementary Breakfast @ Centennial and Moody

Breakfast in the Classroom @ Field and East

Elementary Lunch

Charter School Lunch

Middle School Breakfast @ Euclid and Goddard

Middle School Lunch

High School and Options Breakfast

Littleton and Heritage Lunch

Arapahoe Lunch

Options Lunch

The Village Breakfast

The Village Lunch

Allergen List

Click the link below to view allergen information for menu items.  If you have further questions, please call the Nutrition Services main office at 303-347-3357.


Medical Disability Form

If your child has a dietary disability have your pediatrician complete the form below and return it to the kitchen manager at your child's school.  We will contact you shortly to discuss how we can accommodate your child.

Dietary Disability Form

2016-2017 Meal Prices

Breakfast Prices:
Elementary: $1.50
Middle: $1.70
High: $1.85
Lunch Prices:
Elementary: $2.80
Middle: $3.00
High: $3.10
Adult: $3.85