Wellness Committee (WC)

The Wellness Committee advises the district on recommended policies, practices, and programs that support and improve the overall health of the school community. This includes monitoring the district School Wellness Policy that includes goals for nutrition education, physical activity, school activities, and nutrition standards for all foods available on each school campus. The committee has membership comprised of parents, students, community members, the school board, school administrators, and teachers. All meetings take place on the second Wednesday of the month at 4:30 p.m. at the Education Services Center.

For further information, contact:
District Wellness Coordinator
Robyn Zagoren, M.S.

Vision Statement
Optimal wellness for students, school, and community

Mission Statement
To develop, communicate, and support recommended policies, practices, and programs that result in an environment of overall health and excellence in education for the entire school community.

Committee Norms


  1. We will start and end meeting on time, 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  2. Please come to meetings prepared. Please review packets and e-mails sent to you prior to the meeting. These will include the agenda and materials for the upcoming meeting.
  3. A summary of key points will be made at the end of each meeting.
  4. Members shall be committed to the work of the committee with consistency in attendance and participation.


  1. Respect confidentiality of individual’s ideas. Meeting notes will summarize discussions without identifying specific remarks to participants; the same is expected of committee members outside the meeting.
  2. Please focus on the person who has the floor, as designated by one of the co-chairs. Please no sidebar discussions.
  3. Listen fully before reacting to another committee member’s comments. Keep in mind that everyone has different levels of experience on these topics and different experience in public speaking.
  4. Be respectful of all ideas and questions.
  5. Presume positive intent.
  6. Everyone is encouraged to participate.
  7. No such thing as a dumb idea or comment.
  8. Try to be clear when the group is brainstorming ideas vs. evaluating ideas.
  9. Lay down all personal interests and keep the interests of all students first.

Public Interaction

  1. Respect other committee members’ confidentiality.
  2. The two chair people will be responsible for “official” committee communications to the public and press.
  3. The committee will provide members with common language in which to respond to public questions.
  4. Materials related to proposed alternatives should be utilized and given in full context of the committee discussion; and the same is expected of committee members outside the meeting.
  5. Outside discussions should focus on the fact the group is coming up with ideas and recommendations.

2016-2017 Agendas / Minutes

All meetings will take place at Education Services Center, 5776 S Crocker St, Littleton, CO 80120, at 4:30 p.m., unless otherwise specified. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change.
August  (no meeting) Agenda / Minutes
September 14, 2016 Agenda / Minutes
October 12, 2016 Agenda / Minutes
November 9, 2016 Agenda / Minutes
December 14, 2016 (cancelled) Agenda / Minutes
January 11, 2017 Agenda / Minutes
February 8, 2017 Agenda / Minutes
March 8, 2017 Agenda / Minutes
April 12, 2017 Agenda / Minutes
May 10, 2017 Agenda / Minutes