Student Teaching

Guidelines for Student Teacher Placement

The following information is required for the placement of student teachers in the Littleton Public Schools.

  1. All student teacher placement requests must originate with HR Specialist, Lorie Fix, by phone at (303) 347-3366, or by email to lfix[at][dot]us. Failure to follow LPS processes could result in rejection of a placement.
  2. Requests received from college/university MUST consist of the following before a placement can be made: 
Request form including the following information: 
  1. ​Name of student teacher
  2. Grade(s) and/or content area desired
  3. Requested school(s), if any
  4. Requested teacher, if any
  5. Specific dates of placement 
  6. Copy of student transcript
  7. Résumé or letter of intent
  • Student teachers will be placed based on the following criteria:
    1. Grades 
    2. Availability of teacher(s) in required area 
    3. Willingness of school/teacher(s) to take a student teacher  
  • Requests for placement are sent to the Secretary to the Director of Human Resources who will work with administrators at elementary, middle and high schools. The following items re forwarded:
    1. Memo requesting placement
    2. Copy of student transcript 
    3. Résumé or letter of intent           
  • The Secretary to the Director of Human Resources will follow-up with schools within one week if information has not been returned.
  • After confirmation, the following is sent to cooperating teachers: 
    1. Thank you memo 
    2. Guidelines Handbook 
    3. Confirmation paperwork (if provided by college/university) 
  • Once a placement is confirmed, Human Resources will contact the student teacher. An appointment will be scheduled for the student teacher to complete paperwork for HR to conduct an electronic background check. Student teachers will need to submit a $21 processing fee (cash or check only) for the background check.  
  • At the end of the school year, the Secretary to the Director of Human Resources forwards the name of student teacher, requesting college/university, and the name of the cooperating teacher(s) and school of placement to the Compensation Technician so that the cooperating teacher may receive education advancement credit.   
  • At the end of the school year, a report will be prepared for the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources by the Director of Human Resources that includes the number of total requests, the number of student teachers placed, and the number of requests denied.

Placements other than student teacher placements:

  • Alternative Licensure Program (ALP) - forward to the Director of Human Resources
  • Observations (student who is observing a classroom only with absolutely no interaction with students) - placed directly by school principal.
  • Special Education placements - forward to the Secretary to the Director of Human Resources.
  • Counseling Interns - forward to the Secretary to the Director of Human Resources.