Bus Transportation

Transporting tomorrow's future.... safely, efficiently, and with pride.

District buses transport approximately 7,500 students each day and travel more than 4,000 miles daily in one of the 75 district-owned and operated schools buses with an outstanding safety record. Students are transported to and from school, extra-curricular events, and sporting events. 

Travel time to and from school, on most routes within the district, is about 30–45 minutes for each school. Some routes may exceed this time due to distance or special needs. Inclement weather, traffic patterns, and road construction also impact the time needed to move children safely from home to school and back again.

We are increasing student safety by limiting access to the list of bus stops. In the past, all LPS bus routes were published in the Back to School Guide that all LPS families and taxpayers received in late July. The routes were also posted on the district's website. In an effort to increase student safety, LPS bus routes will no longer be posted online or mailed to all LPS taxpayers. Bus route information will be available electronically through Parent Portal of Infinite Campus. The information will also be available in hard copy at each LPS school and at the Transportation Services Center. We believe this is an important step to increasing student safety. To access Parent Portal of Infinite Campus, please click on the tab provided on this website or go to our Routes and Stops page, where you can also access the Parent Portal tab. If you'd like to know which schools are in your residence area, please see our School Locator/Boundary Maps.

We are increasing student safety by formalizing our processes. We are pleased to still be able to offer transportation to and from existing bus stops when space is available to families who open enroll their children in LPS, but live in another school district and to families whose children choose to attend a school other than the school assigned to their home address. This year, we request that these families complete a "Space Available" registration form (submit online or print and return it to Transportation Services). These forms will be processed on a first-received basis. This form will also be available in hard copy at each LPS school and at the Transportation Services Center. Please note that LPS resident families who already qualify for transportation to their neighborhood school DO NOT need to submit this form.

We are keeping bus service free to families through efficiencies. Please note that some bus routes, route numbers, etc., have changed. We are always looking for ways to reduce fuel costs so that transportation can remain a free service to LPS families.


Mike Hush
Director of Transportation
Rob Draper
Service Manager
Mark Ketchum
Terminal Manager
Lisa Thursby
Transportation Office Manager
Becky Hummel
Dispatcher/Field Trip Coordinator
Jared Jones
Training Coordinator
Sandy Gottschall
Shawn Hinkle
Lore Imrie
Keith Blanchfield
Parts/Supply Control
Barb Reyes
Route Manager/Scheduler
Frank Del Real
Lead Mechanic
Carl Caldwell
Tommy Herrington
Steve Vogt
Jason Wettanen

LPS Transportation now more efficient, more customer-oriented

Littleton Public Schools prides itself on providing excellent transportation services to its families. LPS buses transport approximately 7,500 students more than 4,000 miles each day in 75 district-owned and operated school buses with an outstanding safety record. LPS Transportation Services shares the district’s vision to always look for ways to be more efficient while keeping in place the services that are most important to the community.

Each year, transportation services reviews the bus routes and makes adjustments for student population and route efficiencies. Thanks to newer, affordable technology, student data from Infinite Campus can now be integrated into the routing process. This system helps pinpoint where even greater routing efficiencies can be found, which results in fuel savings and enhanced safety for students. It also provides better data, which means less guesswork and more precise routing based on where students actually live. This in turn provides better customer service.

The LPS community benefits from these efficiencies in three ways: they save money and help keep current, free services in place; they enhance student safety; and they provide more equity in services for families.

How does this new system save LPS money and keep current services in place?
In these tough budget times, some school districts have been forced to charge their families fees for riding school buses. The Littleton Public Schools Board of Education places a priority on keeping transportation free to families and also keeping the current level of transportation services in place. The new system helps identify how current bus routes can be changed to be more effective and efficient. As a result, some routes were consolidated and two bus routes were eliminated, which helps LPS save on fuel costs and drive fewer miles. This cost savings helps to support the Board of Education’s priority for maintaining the current level of free transportation services to families.

How does it enhance student safety?
Because the system allows us to be more flexible, the locations of some bus stops have been moved to safer areas where our bus drivers have better visibility. Some bus stops that had previously been in front of individual residences have also been moved, not only for better visibility but also as a way for LPS to be a “good neighbor.”

How is it more equitable for families?
The locations of our bus stops have not changed much over the years. The new system provides us with better data and more flexibility, which means that bus stops can be placed where they are needed in a more equitable manner to best serve current families. As a result, there will be more equity in walking distances to bus stops.

If LPS is running two fewer bus routes, how will that affect students?

  • Some bus stop locations have changed, and the times students need to arrive at their bus stops may have changed.
  • The length of the bus ride may change for some students.
  • Buses will be running closer to capacity, which means there will be more students on some LPS buses.
  • Some schools will have fewer buses serving their students.

What is remaining the same?

  • School start and end times are the same.
  • The criteria for eligible riders is the same: for middle and high school students, a walking distance of more than 1.5 miles from the student’s residence to their neighborhood school; for elementary students, a walking distance of more than 1 mile from the student’s residence to their neighborhood school.
  • The district’s commitment to providing the best possible transportation services to its families!

Questions? Call LPS Transportation Services at 303.347.4775.

Late Run Buses

Late run buses provide transportation for middle school students who stay after school for after-school clubs and athletics. The buses leave at 4:20 p.m. Monday through Thursday and deliver children to their general neighborhood. For details on route numbers and the area each bus covers, check with your school.

Lost and Found

Personal items are often left on the bus. Items of value such as wallets, watches, musical instruments, etc., are brought into the transportation office at the end of each day. Other belongings such as clothing, lunch boxes, backpacks or books are kept on the bus for a few days in hopes they will be claimed. Students should check with the driver if an article is left on the bus. Articles that are clearly labeled with the student's name and the name of the school can be easily returned to the owner. Unclaimed items are stored at the Transportation Services Center for two weeks and then donated to charity. Parents or guardians are welcome to come in and search through lost and found during normal business hours.

To inquire regarding lost articles, please call the Transportation Services Center at 303-347-4775 or use the inquiry email pane on the right.