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2010 $12M mill levy override
Reductions for 10-11
2010-2011 Budget Q&A
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2010-2011 Budget Q&A


Why does Littleton Public Schools have to continue to cut millions from its budget?
Like many other districts in Colorado, LPS has had to reduce its budget every year for a number of years due to a smaller student population and increasing costs.  Since 2008, the nation’s economy has suffered and Colorado has been affected, as well.  As a result of state funding cuts to K-12 public education, LPS had to reduce its budget by about 10 percent, or $14 million, in three years. 

Why are teachers and other school employee positions being cut versus cutting elsewhere?
In the 15 years, LPS has been able to largely keep cuts away from the classroom by cutting administrative and operational costs.  In fact, LPS spends less on central administration than most districts in the metro area.  Budget reductions necessary for 2010-2011 due to the state’s drastic cuts to schools are simply too deep; all schools and all families will feel these cuts.

How has the district tried to increase its revenue?
LPS has been successful in marketing to out-of-district families.  Nearly 18 percent of LPS students are enrolled from outside the school district boundaries and clearly see LPS as the preferred choice.  This is the highest percentage of any school district along the Front Range of similar size or larger.  Out-of-district students bring the same amount of state funding to the district as do in-district students.  LPS has also made creative changes to programming when financially possible, and competitive bids for employee benefits and other purchasing, energy conservation, and partnerships with local businesses have saved the district millions over the years.  Individual school parent-teacher organizations help fund programs that can no longer be fully supported by the district.  LPS continues to do all it can to influence decisions at the state level that impact school funding for all of Colorado’s school districts.

Does the state have a plan to address these funding concerns?
No.  The national economic downturn has caused the state’s resources to drop to historically low levels.  And, because LPS receives about 60 percent of its funding from the state, the level to which LPS has been affected is unprecedented.

Will there be more budget cuts for school year 2011-2012?
Yes.  The tradition of academic excellence in LPS is in jeopardy.  The state continues to indicate that its cuts to public schools for 2011-2012 will be deep again.  The values that the LPS community has around quality and excellence are being compromised by these continued drastic funding cuts.

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 We thank you for engaging in this issue with us, and we encourage you to stay informed. Your opinions and your thoughts are important to us. LPS belongs to you. 



Please contact us if you have further questions or comments:


Board of Education/Superintendent    303.347.3391

Between 2007 and 2010, LPS:

  • Closed two of 24 schools in the district (represents an eight percent reduction of school buildings);
  • Cut about 200 jobs in three years, including central office administrators and teachers; (there are 400 fewer employees in LPS today than there were three years ago)
  • Froze salaries;
  • Increased fees;
  • Increased class size, by as much as 50 percent in some areas;
  • Reduced programs (gifted/talented, fine arts, PE, and literacy);
  • Cut programs that provide additional help to students (AVID at the middle and high schools);
  • Cut the International Baccalaureate Program at the elementary and middle levels;
  • Furloughed all employees for two days (the only district in the metro area to furlough employees);
  • Reconfigured transportation routes for maximum efficiency;
  • Rolled back school supply budgets to the level they were 20 years ago;
  • Used reserves to the extent possible ($3 million left would cover about one week of expenses)
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