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Reductions for 2010–2011

Board asks administration to move forward with budget recommendations 
District must cut as much as $9 million for school year 2010–2011

Budget Recommendations for 2010–2011 

At its January 28, 2010 meeting, the LPS Board of Education, after further discussion and expressions of frustration, directed administration to move forward with recommended budget cuts for next year.  The recommendations call for $7.5 million in cuts for 2010–2011, and could be as high as $9 million, based on the latest information regarding the lack of state funding for K–12 education as a result of the state and national economic crisis.

Board members expressed the difficulty in moving forward with any of the recommendations. They said they are most concerned about the loss of jobs. Recommendations call for the loss of as many as 97 full time equivalent positions districtwide. "No one wants to have to tell someone that they no longer have a job," said Bob Colwell, LPS Board of Education President. Board members also expressed concern about reducing literacy support and instructional coaches in the schools.

Board members also noted that despite the desire to continue district funding of $355,000 for the International Baccalaureate programs at Field Elementary and Newton Middle School, it is no longer possible. It was noted that other schools in the area that have the IB program do not receive financial support for IB from their districts. Board members encouraged the Field and Newton communities to examine how other schools are able to self-fund their IB programs.

Budget recommendations include a combination of:

  • No increase to district salary or benefit costs with the exception of PERA
  • Central office staffing cuts
  • Reductions of contracts for central office employees
  • Staffing cuts in the schools
  • Furlough days for all employees
  • Cuts to staff development for all employees
  • Elimination of district support for dental insurance
  • No increase in district cost for health benefits
  • Reductions or elimination of district financial support for some programs.

Administration will move forward with the staffing process in the schools for next year. Board members expressed their appreciation for the positive, collaborative relationship the district has with the Littleton Education Association and other employee groups, and realize that some of the recommendations still must be negotiated with the LEA.

"This is very frustrating, and the uncertainty is the worst part," said Superintendent Scott Murphy. "We need the Legislature to land on a final budget number. Until that happens, we need to maintain flexibility."


"No good solutions" as Board continues budget conversations 
News from state gets worse; few choices are left

During its January 21, 2010, workshop, the LPS Board of Education continued its discussion regarding the recommended budget cuts for 2010–2011. The recommendations call for $7.5 million in cuts for next year, and the latest information from the state is that those cuts could actually be around $9 million instead, due to the national and state economic crisis.  More.

LPS administrators pledge to support BOE decisions, including pay cuts and furloughs, to keep excellence for all students
At the January 14, 2010 LPS Board of Education meeting, leaders of the Littleton Association of School Executives (LASE) pledged the group’s support for the Board’s decisions to maintain excellence for all kids.  More. 

View the power point presentation regarding the budget from the January 14, 2010 Board meeting.


LPS Board of Education receives recommendations for cutting $7.5 million from next year's budget

(posted 12 11 09)
During its December 10, 2009 meeting the LPS Board of Education received a series of recommendations from administration that would reduce the district budget by $7.5 million for school year 2010-2011. Such cuts to the LPS budget are necessary due to the cuts in state funding to all K-12 districts in Colorado and the national economic crisis. 

View the power point presentation used to present the report.

There are no “good” solutions to be found in these recommendations.
Every possible effort has been made to minimize the impact these cuts will have on direct services to students. These recommendations keep the focus on student achievement, health, and safety. They keep intact the academics, the arts, the activities, and the athletic programs that provide a well-rounded education, although some may look and operate differently than they have in the past. These recommendations make every attempt at keeping people in positions that support direct services and their core support functions.

All 178 K-12 school districts in Colorado are facing similar challenges, but some of the solutions that might be proposed in other districts cannot be found here. That is because those options are no longer available to us; they were cut or minimized in one of the many budget reductions in the past and were never reinstated. As a result, LPS has had one of the lowest administrative costs among Denver metro area school district for years.

The LPS Board of Education and staff continue to fight in every way they can for adequate funding from the state level through support of the school finance lawsuit and through their work directly with legislators. View the Board's resolution in support of the lawsuit.
Budget conversations provide feedback to help shape budget cutting strategies; 
LPS to cut $9 million for school year 2010-2011

(Nov. 23, 2009)   
At its November 12, 2009 meeting, the LPS Board of Education heard a report of the feedback received from the 27 budget conversations held in all district- and school-level accountability committee meetings in September and October.  Parents, community members, and interested staff members participated in these conversations.
The budget conversations were the result of the Board’s expressed desire earlier this fall to obtain community input regarding values, concerns, and ideas for consideration in developing the budget for the 2010-2011 school year. At that time, it was anticipated that LPS would need to cut $6 million for next year due to less state funding and the national economic crisis.  However, the Governor’s recent recommendations call for deeper cuts to K-12 education and translate to $9 million in cuts or more in LPS for the next school year, depending on the outcome of the 2010 Legislative Session.  This comes on the heels of $6 million in cuts made over the last two years. 
Overall, people participating in the budget conversations expressed:
  • Concerns about losing teachers, raising class size, and losing programs
  • Value for programs that make LPS the preferred choice for many open-enrolled families
  • Concerns about the possibility of additional school closures
  • Interest in pursuing a mill levy to help offset rising costs and less funding from the state
  • Concerns that ultimately solutions must be found at the state level
The Board continues to welcome feedback and is scheduled to receive a series of budget-reducing recommendations at its December 10, 2009 meeting.  Recommendations will be shaped in part by both the input from the 27 budget conversations and the previous work of the Financial Advisory Committee.  
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