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How do I see what my child is doing with lpsk12.org?

You can find your child's username and password within the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, under the Technology Tab.

What if my child is having login problems?

Please contact your child's teacher with any login issues.

Will student email in lpsk12.org be filtered or screened?

All student email passes through Postini, which filters for spam and inappropriate content. Outside of automatic filtering, email will not be screened by default. However, district policy does allow for additional monitoring or viewing of student work if inappropriate use is suspected.

What if I don’t have a computer or internet access at home?

Students may access their work via computers at school or by using computers available at the public library.

We have Microsoft Office at home. Can my child use that and convert/upload it to lpsk12.org?

Yes, Office documents can be uploaded to lpsk12.org. In addition, documents created in Docs can be downloaded and opened with Microsoft Office. You can learn more about how Docs work here

Is chat available in lpsk12.org?

The chat function has been disabled for lpsk12.org.

How is my child’s work backed up?

Your child’s work is backed up on Google’s servers. If you want a local copy, you can export the data to a computer at home.

What if my child shares one of his/her documents with another student and that student types something inappropriate on it? Does my child get in trouble? How will you know who did it?

All documents created in lpsk12.org have logs that show each saved change. The revision history can be viewed to see who added or deleted the items you are concerned about.

What if my child has forgotten his/her username or password?

Your child's login can be found within the Infinite Campus Parent Portal under the Technology Tab, or they may check with their teacher.

How much does lpsk12.org cost?

Lpsk12.org is free for staff and student use. Google provides Google Apps for Education at no cost to school districts and universities.

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