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2010 $12M mill levy override
Reductions for 10-11
Previous budget cuts
Cuts and elections
School Finance Basics
State and Local Funding
State funding comparisons
5-year averaging
The "Funding Cliff"
Cuts and Elections

Previous Budget Cuts and Mill Levy Elections

In spite of a long history of budget reductions, LPS has maintained a clear focus on meeting the changing needs of its students and increasing student achievement. Alternative education programs were developed. Literacy support was provided for students of all ages. Self-funded preschools were founded. Magnet programs grew from grassroots efforts. Class sizes were lowered, and art was reinstated. This was done at a time when federal mandates (No Child Left Behind) and expectations for achievement and special education services were increasing. Charter schools were implemented during this time, as well.

LPS is running out of options to keep core functions of the district and its facilities operating at levels the LPS community expects and deserves. Solutions can and will be found, but none of those solutions are what we would choose to do in better financial times.

1988                       $3 million mill levy passed
1992–1993 $1.7 million in cuts
1993–1994 $2.6 million in cuts
1994–1995 $1.3 million in cuts
1995–1996 $3 million in cuts
1997 $5 million mill levy passed
2001–2002 $3 million in cuts
2004–2005 $3.5 million in cuts
2004 $6.5 million mill levy passed
2008–2009 $1.5 million in cuts; $1.5 million from reserves; $532,000 mid-year rescission
2009–2010  $4 million in cuts
2010–2011  $7.5 million in cuts
2010 $12 million mill levy passed
2011–2012 largest cuts to K–12 funding in Colorado history; mill levy funds used to backfill more than $5 million in cuts from the state
2012–2013 $2 million to $5 million in cuts projected

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