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A Parent Guide to Safety and Emergency Procedures in LPS

In Littleton Public Schools, our number one priority is the safety of our students.  In an effort to help parents understand what happens when there is a safety concern or an emergency, we are sharing the following terms and definitions as well as some communication information.

What terms do schools use in safety situations, and what do they mean?

As a district, we use these terms to communicate the specific action teachers, students and staff need to take:

Secured Perimeter: If students are outside, they move inside. Students, staff, and visitors are allowed to move within the building. No one is permitted in or out of the building. Secured Perimeter is used if there is a situation somewhere in the area but the school is not in danger.

Lockdown: No one is permitted in or out of the building. Classroom doors are locked, and classroom lights are turned off. Everyone in the building is out of the halls or open areas.

Evacuation: Is used to get students and staff out of the building by a safe route.

Room Clear: Is used to send students away from a potential problem or threat. Students are sent to a designated safe area.


We support students by letting them know there is a situation that requires us to use our safety procedures.


How does LPS communicate with parents during these situations?

We appreciate parents’ understanding that our first and highest priority is the safety of students. As a result, communication to parents will be sent as quickly as possible. Sometimes parent communications cannot occur until after we have responded to the safety or emergency situation. Additionally, we always want to ensure that we are sharing accurate information. What is initially reported via the media is not always accurate or complete. Depending upon the situation, accurate information will be available on the school/district website and/or sent to parents via the Infinite Campus messenger system as soon as possible. We appreciate parents’ efforts to keep contact information in Infinite Campus up to date.


How do students and staff prepare for emergencies?

Schools practice emergency procedures throughout the year. This includes fire drills, tornado drills, and emergency drills as outlined above. Students and staff feel better prepared when we practice and everyone knows what to do.



Thank you for your continued support as we work together to keep our students safe.


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