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Assistant Superintendent of Business Services/Chief Financial Officer

Diane Doney


Financial Services


Financial Services is responsible for annual budget development and management of all district funds, completion of the annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, accounts payable, accounting supports for buildings, management of capital improvement funds and debt financing, oversight of federal and state grants, oversight of extended daycare programs, student projections, yearly student enrollment count, historical data, and risk management.

Director, Finance/Risk Management

Donna Villamor                                                                               


Accounting Manager

Jonathan Levesque


Staff Accountant

Jill Richardson



Donna Murphy

Budget Analyst

Jennifer Davis

Accounting Technician

Shari Ozaki


Pam Cornforth


Lead Clerk, Accounts Payable

Linda Samora


Clerk, Accounts Payable

Brenda Allred


Linda Brown


Purchasing Services and Warehouse

 Purchasing Services and Warehouse personnel are responsible for bidding and procurement of materials and equipment requisitioned by our schools, as well as, instructional and custodial items and maintaining warehouse stock. Purchasing reviews and processes all purchase orders, reviews contracts, processes bids, and is responsible for disposition of surplus district equipment.

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Submission of this application is not a guarantee that your firm will be contacted for bids or proposals. Formal construction bids are advertised, not solicited as a result of registration on our bidders list.

Supervisor Purchasing/Warehouse
Dayle Redman   303-347-3458  
Senior Buyer
Kevin Klatt   303-347-3456
Carla Bryant   303-347-3459 
Purchasing Technician/Warehouse Lead
Kim Keefer  303-347-3457 
Warehouse Person
John Mathews  
Brandon Young  
Andrew Searles  
Eric Bryant  
Jim Howerton  


Nutrition Services

LPS Nutrition Services provides breakfast and lunch for students at all schools.

Director of Nutrition Services/Print Shop
Jessica Gould                  303-347-3356 
Nutrition Services Field Manager
Kristi Rolfsen, MS, RD  303-347-3389 
Nutrition Services Field Manager
Carlynn Fitzgerald, MS, RD  303-347-3357 
Office Manager
Debbie Smith  303-347-3360
Nutrition Services IT Specialist 
Mary Ann Walford  303-347-4513
District Wellness Coordinator
Robyn Zagoren  303-347-3374

Print Shop

LPS Printing Services and LPS Store combines fundraising opportunities and printing services for schools, school sponsored clubs and activities, and nonprofit organizations in our school community. Printing Services and the LPS Store are self-supporting services of Littleton Public Schools.

Printing Technician
Gary Gervais  303-347-3443
Alison Pukurdpol  

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