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Internet Filtering
WiFi Services
Filter Override Rules and Responsibilities


In accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act, LPS maintains a strong filtering system, and teachers are authorized to override the Internet Content Filter for "bona fide research and other authorized purposes." As such, the filtering system serving Littleton Public Schools has been configured such that the login name and password staff use for their computers and email will also override the filtering system. Staff should know that the filter records all such overrides and that such records are periodically reviewed by ITS staff. Teaching staff should override the filter only for purposes that are aligned with the mission of Littleton Public Schools. Certain web sites containing highly objectionable content cannot be bypassed even with a teacher login. Such sites should not be utilized in any form of required classwork.

The following are relevant policies for use of the Internet

EGAEA Electronic Mail and Internet Services

GBEE Staff Use of District Technology

JICDA Student Code of Conduct

JS Student Use of the Internet

Internet Content Filter Committee

The Internet Content Filtering Committee meets no less than three times every school year to review the settings of the filter.  During the course of the year, the CIO receives requests to unblock or block sites from staff via the Intranet site at http://insidelps.littletonpublicschools.net.  Since the nature of many sites discussed by the committee are objectionable, the agendas and minutes of the committee are not linked to the district web site but are available via an email request.  Use the form below to request access to the agenda to review.  If we are able to authenticate your request (i.e. you are not a student or an underage minor), we will send you the link for review.



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