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District Improvement Plan

Littleton Public Schools is a district encompassing 13 elementary schools, four middle schools, three high schools, an alternative middle school, a Center for Online Studies, a program for at-risk and expelled students, an alternative high school, and an early childhood center. The district motto "big enough to serve you, small enough to know you" is embodied in the comprehensive programming offered in a caring and involved small-town atmosphere.

The LPS Strategic Plan, prepared by the Board of Education, focuses on student achievement. Administration set a high bar for increased student achievement to meet the Board's vision.

District Achievement Goal

Ninety percent of all students K–10 will be on or above grade level in reading, math, writing, and science. The achievement gap in student performance will be cut in half.  Students not at grade level will exhibit catch-up growth. All students will achieve at high levels.

Increasing achievement levels is a major component of the LPS Strategic Plan. In addition, the district has made a commitment to a bold student achievement initiative called Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

In addition to PLCs, the district began a Universal Literacy initiative combined with the Inspired Writing project. All of this is working to increase equity of experience and to raise standards across all grade levels and in every content area. Strengthening Tier I instruction is key to improving student achievement. Providing solid Tiers II and III interventions is another on-going mission of the district plan to improve achievement.

A commitment to data is behind each initiative and on-going data training is another key component of the overall plan. Our Annual Report reflects this commitment. Another commitment to using 21st Century tools is also reflected in our professional development plan and Universal Literacy Framework. The Educational Technology and Information Literacy (ET IL) plan and the District School Improvement plan were written as sister documents, one building off of the other. Collaboration paves the way to success in the 21st Century.

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