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Activities bring out students’ special gifts

Littleton Public Schools has a well-earned reputation as a premier school district. Our students consistently earn some of the highest test scores in the Denver metro area. Our seniors earn millions in scholarships each year. About 90 percent of our graduates go on to college or another form of post-secondary education. They tell us that LPS prepared them well. We are very proud of this. In LPS, achievement matters. But, achievement is not the only thing that matters.

When I think back to my own school experiences, and the experiences of my daughters, my thoughts don’t immediately go to reading, writing, and mathematics. 

I remember the theater performances, the speech and debate tournaments, the band and choir concerts, the swim meets, basketball games, spelling bees, and science fairs. When I think of my friends growing up, I think of the kids I got to know through these kinds of activities. We were friends because we shared a common interest. Yes, we went to the same school, but it was the common activity that bonded us, that gave us a sense of identity and a strong sense of pride.

As parents, we basically all want the same things for our kids. We want them to be happy. We want them to learn to be responsible and to care for one another. We want them to work hard for something and to experience both success and defeat with grace and dignity. We want our kids to be safe. We want them to be prepared for life beyond high school, no matter what that may be.

This is where Littleton Public Schools shines! Regardless of your children’s talents and interests, we offer an activity that sparks that interest and motivates them to do more, to be more.

Activities are where kids find their niche. There is nothing quite like receiving a standing ovation after a stellar performance in any of our performing arts, or celebrating with your teammates after a victory  in football, volleyball, or the Science Olympiad. We all remember that feeling of being so proud we thought we would burst. 

This is what builds communities. This is what we remember the most. Yes, it is vital that our students achieve academically at very high levels. Those who do have the most choices after high school and we want as many of our students as possible to be in this position.

But, it’s just as important to remember that activities are where students shine. And, that light shines for all of us.


Scott D. Murphy

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