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Calendar Values

The LPS Board of Education has a set of Calendar Values in place  from which the development of the school calendars continues to be based (Policy ICA-E).  Overall, the calendars are designed to provide flexibility for school sites and continued support for the community to plan family activities and events.  This calendar:

  1. Supports and enhances quality education and a high level of academic achievement.
  2. Meets or exceeds requirements of Colorado legislation regarding minimal school hours.
  3. Complies with Littleton Education Association (LEA) agreements.
  4. Supports parent/teacher conferences, professional preparation, and in-services.
  5. Supports a system-wide model, through embedded time, such as professional learning communities and professional development, for certificated staff to collaborate as appropriate regarding improving student achievement.
  6. Provides for overall coordination of schedules among the three levels -- elementary, middle, and high school -- to assist families with students across levels.
  7. Limits partial student contact days due to negative impact on educational program and on family supervision needs (daycare).
  8. Provides some building flexibility to address unique needs of their communities.
  9. Supports schedules for student participation in key assessment programs.
  10. Provides for approximately equal number of instructional days in each semester.
  11. Is consistent with expectations for vacation breaks:  Thanksgiving, winter, spring, and summer.
  12. Supports, when possible, a school year calendar with first semester ending before winter break and second semester ending before Memorial Day. 








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