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The Executive Committee will establish and publish a schedule of meetings for the year. 

  1. Advisory Committee Meetings 
    1. The Committee, as a whole, will meet a minimum of four times during the school year. The Committee’s officers and Administrative Liaison will establish and publish a meeting schedule for the subsequent school year by September 1.
    2. Other work sessions may be scheduled as needed to accomplish specific tasks. All Committee meetings are open to the public as required by law.
  2. Work Plan and Agenda
    1. Committee officers and the Administrative Liaison, along with other Committee members having responsibilities for annual areas of study, will develop a work plan for review and approval by the Committee.
    2. The officers and Administrative Liaison will formulate specific agendas for Committee meetings, consistent with the work plan and with input from members of the Committee, as needed.
  3. Committee Agendas
    1. Committee agendas will emphasize:
      1. Orientation of members to the purpose and charge of the Committee.
      2. Provision of adequate information for effective review of school and district technology systems, information literacy, current school and district status with regard to technology, and strategic directions and/or plans.
      3. Activities related to the annual areas of study and completion of necessary reports and recommendations to the Board.
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