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81 percent of parents grade LPS an "A" or "B"

Littleton Public Schools contracted with Public Opinion Strategies in February 2010 to survey a representative sampling of registered voters in the LPS attendance area regarding a variety of issues.Happy Children!

Key findings:

  • Local residents give LPS very strong ratings. 73 percent of those surveyed grade LPS with an "A" or "B."  Essentially, no one believes they are failing.
  • 81 percent of parents grade LPS with an "A" or "B."
  • LPS rates strongest in the areas of greatest importance to residents:
    • Teaching students the basic subjects like reading, writing, and math
    • Providing the education that today's students will need for tomorrow's jobs and careers
    • Maintaining a safe environment
  • In addition, 73 percent are confident in the job the district is doing spending taxpayer money wisely.
  • The vast majority of both parents and those without children attending LPS continue to say LPS communicates well.
  • Across multiple questions, LPS taxpayers applaud:
    • teacher quality
    • choices/options
    • academic standards
    • accountability for taxpayer money
    • safe learning environment
    • access to technology

What they said:

"Excellent teachers, good education, my children excel, very pleased."

"I'm really happy with the schools."

"I think this is a fine district and I can't think of what to add to their curriculum."

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