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Parent Portal

Purpose: to provide parents/guardians or eligible students the opportunity to view student data and information over the Internet. Student information may include but not be limited to the posting of grades, daily assignments, transcripts, and attendance from the District’s student database system.


Community Report

Graduation Letter
College In Colorad Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 

Department of Education - PIN Application for FAFSA

Free Scholarship Search

GED Information

Arapahoe County Sheriff

Littleton Police Department

RAAP (Rape Crisis)

Rocky Mountain Poison & Drug Center

Safe To Tell

Social Services 

Tri-County Health Department

MARCH 2 Success
March 2 Success provides cutting-edge assessment software and world class educational content in an easy to use self-paced format to accelerate your learning curve for State ACT or SAT preparation.

The Redirection Center

Mission:  The Redirection Center provides students an opportunity to learn in a safe, supportive, and challenging environment. Students will redirect their behavior and reconnect with both personal and educational goals.

The Redirection Center is a unique program that provides students with an opportunity for one-to-one instruction in behavior management, personal discovery, and academic core classes. It is designed to serve students in grades 6-12 who have been expelled or are "at-risk" of expulsion from Littleton Public Schools. 

A Personal Education Plan is designed specifically to meet the academic and behavioral needs of each student. Academic instruction focuses on the core areas of language arts, math, and social studies. The Redirection staff also instruct students in the techniques of Aggression Replacement Training, an innovative method that teaches students how to work through problems. Another component of the program is individual and family counseling as well as family workshops. All students participate in ongoing, supervised service learning opportunities in the community.

School Address
6557  S. Acoma St
Littleton, CO 80120
Main Line: 303-347-4840                    
Fax: 303-347-4844
Director of Alternative Education:  Karen Goodwin 303-347-3388


Redirection Day Program
Staff Position Phone
Percy Dubose   303-347-4840
Jennifer Wigent Teacher 303-347-4841
Carol Motley Teacher 303-347-4842
Heather Spragins Clinical Social Worker 303-347-4843
Redirection Evening Program: Phone # 303-921-4490
Anna Spillen Program Facilitator 303-921-4490
Stacey Geyer Teacher 303-347-4840
Greg Klein Teacher/LHS Liason 303-347-6794
Carol Motley Teacher 303-347-4840

Heather Cotham



Rita Danna



Louis Dominguez

Drug/Alcohol Counselor


Nancy Lloyd



Brett Boyles Teacher 303-734-6870

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