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Emergency Planning
  • All schools have implemented National Incident Command System within their emergency response teams.
  • All LPS schools have partnered with Red Cross and are certified members of the Ready Rating program (http://www.readyrating.org/Businesses/ReadyRatingEssentials.aspx)
  • All LPS Schools are in the process of being equipped with automated external defibrillators. Each school has CPR, First Aid, and AED trained staff members assigned to the Incident Command Teams.
  • LPS Security and Emergency Planning is a proud team member of the FBI Infragard program (http://www.denverinfragard.org/), leading the Educational Sector.
  • District Emergency Operations Center is established and equipped with dedicated phone lines, IP and other cyber emergency tools.
  • The LPS Security System also has many Emergency Planning related response capabilities.
  • LPS mandates that all school Incident Command Teams conduct at least two annual table top emergency response simulations.
  • District Emergency Planning Committee is in place and meets monthly (members include law enforcement and fire department representatives).
  • All Security Employees are CERT trained.
  • LPS has full radio communication interoperability with all area first responders.
  • Continue to meet with emergency responders.
  • School-level emergency response plans will be revised/updated when necessary to be consistent with the National Incident Command System and the Red Cross Ready Rating Program.
  • LPS allows first responders to train regularly in LPS schools preparing for emergencies.
  • Emergency Procedures Handbook has been printed in an easy-to-read, flip chart format and distributed to each classroom. 
  • The Arapahoe County Sheriff, Littleton Fire Department, Littleton Police Department, Red Cross, Tri County Health and other emergency responders have been given the district’s "Emergency Management Plan" and complete virtual floor plans of all district buildings. Plans are updated every semester. 
  • LPS has signed mutual agreements with other emergency response partners.
  • Security and emergency planning improvements are budgeted for annually.
  • Identified, numbered, and catalogued all windows, doors, and maintenance areas allowing ingress/egress to facilities district wide.
  • LPS will continue to update, evolve, and improve as needed.



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