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Assessment Testing Calendar
Contact your child's school for information regarding the school's assessment calender.



Frequently Asked Questions Regarding State Assessments



Should students come to school if parents have decided to not allow their child to participate in the assessment?

  • If your child is not going to participate in the assessment, do not send your child to school during scheduled assessment sessions.
  • Parents must provide written notification to the school in order to opt-out of the state assessment. Neither LPS nor individual schools provide standardized forms for this purpose.
  • The curricular activity during a school’s scheduled assessment time is the state assessment.
  • Supervision will not be provided for students who are not being tested.
  • Outside of the scheduled assessment time, regular instruction will occur and students are expected to be in attendance.


What is the assessment schedule?

  • Each building will set the testing schedule and regular class instruction occurs daily.
  • Check with your school for their schedule of testing and instruction.


My child takes the alternate assessment, however, I have decided to not allow them to participate. Should my student still come to school?

  • Yes, because the alternate assessment is individually administered, your student should still come to school. He/she will receive instruction if you have decided that they not participate in the alternate assessment. If you have additional questions, please contact your child’s case manager.


Will there be alternative transportation?

  • Heritage High School and Arapahoe High School will have a second bus run at the conclusion of scheduled testing. Check your school’s website for the transportation schedule.
  • All other schools will run normal transportation schedules. 


How are state assessment results used in Littleton Public Schools?

  • State assessment results have always been one piece of the body of evidence used to make effective and accurate instructional decisions for students.
  • State assessment results are not shown on high school transcripts with the exception of the ACT score.

What data is collected by the state, and how is personally identifiable information protected?


We encourage parents to express their concerns and expectations regarding state assessments to our legislators:

Senator Linda Newell

Senator David Balmer

Representative Kathleen Conti

Representative Daniel Kagan

Representative Jack Tate


Thank you for your continued support of Littleton Public Schools!


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