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Learning Services

The Deputy Superintendent manages and oversees Learning Services, which includes curriculum, instruction, and assessment, elementary and secondary education, career and technical education, special education and student support services, and The Village Preschool.

The Director of Learning Services is responsible for district curriculum development and ongoing revisions, which also includes selection of textbooks and other materials used for instruction in classrooms. Teacher training, student assessment, gifted and talented, Title I, English Language Acquisition, and data analysis are areas managed through this department.

The Director of Elementary Education oversees the operation of all elementary schools, excluding charter schools, The Village Preschool, and supervises elementary school principals.

The Director of Secondary Education oversees the operation of middle and high schools, the Options program, Career and Technical Education, and supervises middle and high school principals, as well as Coordinator of Career and Technical Education.

The Director of Special Education and Student Support Services oversees all special education services and supervises the special education coordinators.

The Director of Social, Emotional, and Behavior Services serves as the district's expulsion officer and oversees truancy and mental health services. He works closely with the district alternative programs.

Deputy Superintendent

Connie Bouwman


Administrative Assistant, Deputy Superintendent

Kerry Schaper 303-347-3396 
 Director of Learning Services
Patti Turner 303-347-3437 

Secretary, Director of Learning Services

Jeanne Hildreth 303-347-3406 

Secondary Learning Specialist

Amy McIntosh 303-347-3444 

Elementary Learning Specialist

Cindy Graybeal 303-347-3544 

Math and Intervention Specialist

Ann Summers 303-347-3538 
Student Learning Assessment Specialist
Amber Rogers 303-347-3397

Secretary, Learning Services

Cheryl Bonnell 303-347-3392 
Assessment Manager
Kevin Fraser 303-347-3433 
Secretary,  Assessment
Sue Otto 303-347-3408 

Director of Elementary Education

Kathleen Ambron 303-347-3305 

Director of Secondary Education

Clay Abla 303-347-3382

Secretary, K–12 Education

Carol Crane 303-347-3334 

Director of Social, Emotional and Behavior Services

Nate Thompson


Secretary, Social, Emotional and Behavior Services

Debbie Honeker


Director of The Village Preschool

Phyllis Dornseif 303-347-6998 

Coordinator, Career and Technical Education

Mimi Leonard 303-347-3398 

Secretary, Career and Technical Education

Cathy Trammel 303-347-3473 
English Language Acquisition Specialist  
Mandy Leensvaart 303-347-3488
Secretary, English Language Acquisition  
Sue Otto 303 347-3408
Coordinator, Gifted/Talented, Title I, Online Learning Center  
Melinda Ness 303 347-3477
Secretary, Gifted/Talented  
Cathy Trammel 303 347-3473
Director, Special Education/Student Support Services  
Melissa Cooper 303-347-3472
Secretary, Director, Special Education/Student Support Services  
Kelly Borger 303-347-3471
Coordinator, Elementary Special Education  
Janie Youderian 303-347-3466
Coordinator, Student Support Services   
Bryan Jesse 303-347-3393
Secretary, Special Education  
Cathy Carr 303-347-3539
Coordinator, Secondary Special Education  
Rick Frampton 303-347-3430
Coordinator, Special Programs  
Barbara Ritchie 303-347-3469
Secretary, Special Education  
Jana Nordstrom 303-347-3467
Instructional Coach, Special Education  
Beth Daniel 303-347-3464

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