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Students in Littleton Public Schools continue to achieve at high levels

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LPS students continue to outscore the state average by as much as 22 percentage points proficient and advanced in all grades and all subjects tested on CSAP.

LPS ranks first in academic achievement in 17 of the 27 areas (all grades and all subjects tested) compared to other Denver area school districts. LPS ranked in the top three in all 27 areas tested. 

LPS students demonstrate the greatest growth in elementary reading and writing and high school writing and math among Denver area school districts.

LPS is the only Denver metro area school district to be Accredited with Distinction, the highest academic accreditation rating given by the Colorado Department of Education. LPS has been Accredited with Distinction five years in a row! There are only 18 out of 178 school districts in Colorado that have been Accredited with Distinction.

LPS high schools have the highest graduation rate and the lowest dropout rate of any high schools in the Denver metro area.

82 percent of all LPS students are achieving on or above grade level.

District Achievement Goal
Ninety percent of all students K–10 will be on or above grade level in reading, math, writing, and science. The achievement gap in student performance will be cut in half. Students not at grade level will exhibit catch-up growth. All students will achieve at high levels.
What does it mean to be on or above grade level?
A student is on grade level if he/she is meeting the expectations for his/her age group peers on the defined essential learning objectives as measured by performance on:
  • Colorado Student Assessment Program (TCAP); 
  • District-determined assessments (Measures of Academic Progress, Colorado Basic Literacy Act, 2nd grade writing);
  • Classroom performance



Increasing Student Achievement is the cornerstone of the District Strategic Plan.



Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) help us reach our goals.


LPS offers district-wide curriculum for each subject area and each grade level.


A variety of student assessments help us determine how to best meet students' needs.

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