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Tuition Reimbursement



  • Fall Reimbursement is for classes completed by September 1. (If the completion date is after September 1, the class is eligible for Spring reimbursement.)
  • Submit requests by October 15 - no exceptions.
  • Payment prorated if all requests exceed $67,500.
  • Checks mailed home in late October.
  • Spring Reimbursement is for classes completed by February 15. (If the completion date is after February 15, the class is eligible for Fall reimbursement.)
  • Submit requests by April 15 - no exceptions.
  • Payment prorated if all requests exceed $22,500.
  • Checks mailed home in late April.
  • If additional verification was requested, checks will be held until the information is received.


  • Certified teachers who are under contract for at least one semester.
  • $600 maximum reimbursement per school year.

Expenses NOT covered. (Please deduct these expenses from your request.)

  • Membership fees/materials/textbooks/books/software
  • Student fees (health, recreation, etc.)
  • Reimbursement covered by another source
  • Meals
  • Parking/gas
  • Hotel/motel

Submit the following with the reimbursement request form:

Breakdown of cost for classes, conferences, or workshops: submit college/university class description and cost(s), flyer(s), brochure(s), etc.

Attendance Verification--copies only. Record the actual month, day, and year the class started and ended on the reimbursement form. Transcripts do not necessarily coincide with this date. Copies will not be made from your personnel file. Separate copies of your transcripts must be submitted to Elizabeth Welz, Compensation Technician, for degree advancement.

  • College/University classes--a copy of a current report card or transcript from the college/university is required for all college/university credit. Internet grade/transcript reports are acceptable provided your name or social security number and institution are clearly identified along with the class title, credit(s), grade, date or term of class(es).
  • In-service classes copy of letter(s) or certificate(s) from the instructor verifying completion with name of class, participant, and date(s) attended.
  • Noncredit classes (conferences/workshops), copy of program(s), agenda(s) or handout(s) showing name of conference/workshop with date(s).

Payment Verification--copies only. (Your name must be imprinted on the verification.)

  • Legible copy of check or carbon copy of check. If not legible, it will be necessary to obtain a xerox copy of your check from the bank.
  • Legible copy of credit card receipt or statement, black out confidential information.
  • Legible copy of a signed payment receipt with name of class on the receipt.

Print and submit the Tuition Reimbursement Form  with the required documentation by deadline date Fall--October 15, or Spring--April 15. Pony to the Candace Putnam, Human Resources, ESC. 

Questions? Please contact Candace Putnam at 303-347-3369 or cputnam@lps.k12.co.us.

Tuition Reimbursement Questions?


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