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2012-2013 LCEE Membership


Parents/Community Members
Carrie Warren-Gully, Parent with student attending LPS
Jack Reutzel, Parent with student(s) attending LPS
Mary McGlone, Community Member, no longer has students attending LPS

School Administration
Doug Andrews, Principal, Ralph Moody Elementary School
Gary Hein, Principal, Euclid Middle School
Kevin Kolasa, Assistant Principal, Arapahoe High School
Stacey Riendeau, Principal, Heritage High School

District Administration
Lori Kinney, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
Jean Martinez, Director, Elementary Education
Clay Abla, Director, Secondary Education

Licensed Staff
Mary Haney, President, Littleton Education Association
Kelly Card, Franklin Elementary School
Kendra Sustr, Hopkins Elementary School
Nicolette Vander Velde, East Elementary School
Mary Page, Twain Elementary School
Laura Magruder, Sandburg Elementary School
Marc Finer, Newton Middle School
Jessica Andrews, Newton Middle School
Eric Sadler, Powell Middle School
Marty Oliver, Goddard Middle School
Colleen Barrows, Goddard Middle School
Keely Hartung, Littleton High School
Maura Moritz, Arapahoe High School
Jill Hawthorne, Arapahoe High School

Riley Banks, Arapahoe High School
Heritage High School: Pending Board Approval
Adam Butterman, Littleton High School

Ex Officio Members:
Connie Bouwman, Assistant Superintendent, Learning Services
Patti Turner, Director, Learning Services
Melissa Cooper, Director, Special Education
Dan Maas, Chief Information Officer
Ken Moritz, Director of Human Resources

Annette Fante, Project Manager

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Littleton Council for Educator Effectiveness

  • Meetings

November 10, 2014       8:00am-3:oopm     ESC Board Room

Meeting Agenda and Materials


Upcoming Meetings

February 10, 2015         8:00am-3:00pm     Ames Library

June 4, 2015                8:00am-3:00pm     Ames Library (Tentative)

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